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Made in design is back to school

Made in design is back to school

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When Made in Design comes back… We rethink the living room sofa, we imagine children's furniture that evolves intelligently and aesthetically, we dream of a minimalist and functional office. What make us smile!

String system, modular shelves that become desks

String furniture True icon of Scandinavian design, String was created by the Swedish Nils Strinning in 1949. Since then, the modular system has not stopped evolving. We really like the desktop version. Minimalist and so functional. Adjustable desk, Works range, String Furniture

Copper candle holder

Hay Copper candle holders offered by the Danes of Hay, while minimalism - and very affordable! Lup Wall candle holders, Hay, design: Shane Schneck

Tattoo version wallpaper

Nlxl Rock'n roll atmosphere for this wallpaper edited by the Dutch brand NLXL… Tattoo wallpaper, NLXL, design: Cookie Bros

Failure, checkmate and pretty tables

Sancal Again at Sancal, here are some very beautiful tables designed by Ionna Vautrin, inspired by the pieces of a chess game. The bases, lacquered, are available in mustard, olive, peach and sky blue and contrast with the maple wood trays. Pion coffee table, Sancal, design: Ionna Vautrin

Dot and Cross: design that evolves with children

Dot and Cross Dot and Cross is thinking about a design suitable for children and adolescents. To do this, they like to favor flexible and customizable systems for rooms that combine security, imagination and freedom. This pretty bed with bars thus transforms into a very pretty bench. Daybed, Dot and Cross

Valsecchi, poetic design

Valsecchi Founded in 1918, Valsecchi is an Italian family business specializing in woodworking. Until the 1970s, the company manufactured wooden toys. But in the early 2010s, the new generation launched into furniture, with the architect Nicola de Ponti as artistic director. Simple, efficient and poetic. We really like Levante shelves, like beach huts. Levante cabinets, Valsecchi, design: Paolo Gerosa

Pretty chairs for nice children

Dot and Cross Another Dot and Cross creation, here are the Dotty chairs. The seat is in beech plywood upholstered in cotton while the feet are in lacquered metal. Beautiful and playful. Dotty Chair, Dot and Cross

Dorelan or the importance of sleep

Dorelan "Sleep well, live better" is the mantra of the Italians of Dorelan. Comfort, quality and design. The Smooth bed adds to this a practical storage chest. Smooth bed with Pratik storage chest, Dorelan, design: Enrico Cesana

Nani Marquina, between tradition and modernity

Nanimarquina For the Barcelona carpet brand, fashion designer Sybilla imagined the Mélange collection, between tradition and modernity, between fashion and decoration ... Mélange is a contemporary vision of Kilim. Mixture rug, Nani Marquina, design: Sybilla