La Co (o) rniche: An establishment resembling an oyster chai

La Co (o) rniche: An establishment resembling an oyster chai

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At the top of the dune of Pyla, on the contours of a preserved environment, and still vibrant with that hushed atmosphere sought by the great fortunes of the past century, sits the hotel-restaurant La Co (o) rniche. Revamped in 2010 by Philippe Starck in the manner of an oyster cellar, it offers its passing guests luxury rooms and cabins for a golden retreat. Discover the places in pictures!

Preserved authenticity

La Co (o) rniche Inside, the space opens onto the hotel reception, dressed in ocher yellow and black. In the lobby, the dark woodwork matches the Murano chandelier of the grand staircase, the frescoes and period furniture evoking the sympathetic ghosts of the past, gallants and gentlemen, first movie stars, painters, writers and this crowd of anonymous, all came here for the parenthesis of a rare moment. In counterpoint to this preserved authenticity, rise sublime sculptures posed at random, sorts of glass and polished steel display cases concealing as many small treasures.

A brasserie made simple

La Co (o) rniche Like La Co (o) rniche, the restaurant, a kind of brasserie, aims to be a place of pure French quality. This invites gourmets to a culinary break in an enchanting setting, imbued with refinement and voluptuousness.

The Starck lounge, an invitation to relaxation

La Co (o) rniche Elegantly decorated by Philippe Starck, this cozy space welcomes passing visitors in a warm and intimate atmosphere, conducive to relaxation. This premium and classy place also allows you to contemplate; comfortably installed in beige designer seats, the enchanting panorama offered by the hotel.

Rooms where life is good

La Co (o) rniche The 10 rooms and the junior suite have been designed as small holiday homes and open out at leisure to the Banc d'Arguin, the Pyla dune or Cap-Ferret. Without ostentation, the decor declines the charm and the sweetness of life. The pink ceiling, the crystal lamps and the planks on the walls, painted in very soft pink, capture or disperse the natural light of day. Here it has a fully glazed bathroom. The height of delight, metal angles inspired by the oyster cellars line this glass perimeter, translucent when the curtains close on the privacy of the body.

Warm rooms inspired by traditional holiday homes

La Co (o) rniche The colors, materials and objects scattered here and there have been carefully chosen and contribute to the feeling of inhabited, inspired and lively rooms.

Accommodation inspired by traditional oyster huts

La Co (o) rniche Respecting the philosophy of the place and the preservation of nature, the village of cabins de la Co (o) rniche recalls the traditional oyster huts. It is inspired, in particular, by the oyster village of l'Herbe, located in Cap-Ferret. Designed by Philippe Starck, the 18 bungalows each house two 45 m² bedrooms opening onto a terrace with breathtaking views.

Bright cabins

The Co (o) rniche A king size bed, adorned with white, floats in the middle of each of the bungalows. In the background, a large and bright island hosts the bathroom and its huge walk-in shower. The harmonies of powder pink, pearl gray, taupe and white, color codes dear to the hotel, and the noble materials bring serenity and softness.

A dream pool

La Co (o) rniche The swimming pool extends the terrace and contributes to the view and the magic of the place. Its shape resembles that of oyster tanks, and its gray structure, between swimming lane and water lounge, plunges the gaze into the sea, with which it merges. Grand!

A panoramic terrace for 360 ° of happiness

La Co (o) rniche The dream continues outside where passing guests can enjoy from the panoramic terrace a unique view of the Bassin passes, the Banc d'Arguin and the tip of Cap Ferret.


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