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10 original vases to enhance the decor

10 original vases to enhance the decor

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We all have one or more vases, but few of us consider this object as an asset for decoration. Indeed, the vase is not only used to receive flowers! Because there are a multitude of models, the vase can sublimate your decor by bringing a touch of color or originality. Today, we invite you to discover 10 very different vases but above all 10 vases that will seduce you.


SIA Natural shades, colors and sober design combine to offer this collection of vases. Whether you prefer small vases or XXL vases, you will be seduced by these models marketed by the SIA brand.

Outside !

SIA Because the terrace can also be decorated, SIA invites you to discover a range of vases and pots for your outdoor spaces. We like their metallic appearance, their irregularity and their ability to reflect light.


Maisons du Monde Here are some models of vases offered by Maisons du Monde. They seduce us with the simplicity of their design and their metallic appearance. Whether you put white flowers or colorful flowers, the vases play the card of originality.


Design by O Here you find a vase signed Design by O. Ideal for those who want to let their creativity burst, it allows for floral presentations on several levels. It is the favorite of the editorial staff.


François Azambourg Here is a creation by François Azambourg: the Douglas vase. Simple, brilliant and design, it is a magnificent piece. However, it has the function of welcoming flowers of all kinds and enhancing your decor!


Design by O This magnificent black ceramic vase is as sophisticated as it is modern. It is perfect for those who have adopted a contemporary, design or black and white decor. Our decorative tip: marry a small model with a large one.


Maisons du Monde Here you will find a set of very authentic vases. These stoneware vases will find their place in a house with classic or country decor. We advise you to vary the models and the flowers that will integrate them.


LSA International These vases offered by LSA International are as simple as they are sublime. Because they are completely transparent, you can multiply the styles of decoration. Alone or with others, these vases are suitable for all decorations.


Design by O Do you want an ethnic atmosphere? Design by O has the vase for you! Discover the zouzou vases, colorful and offbeat models. We love their softness and their originality, and you?