8 ideas to give a decorative look to stairs

8 ideas to give a decorative look to stairs

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With a little creativity, a well thought-out style and carefully chosen accessories, it's easy to transform the simple place of passage allowing us to go upstairs into ultra decorative stairs. Here is a wealth of ideas for inspiration.

With stylized steps

Leroy Merlin ### Repainted in a pretty lavender color with a brushed silver finish, the steps of this staircase are improvised design objects.

With a whimsical decor

Saint Maclou ### Seventies wallpaper on the walls and multicolored carpet affixed to the steps: one thing is certain: this slightly wacky staircase leads us straight to another era! After all, nothing like a passageway to give way to fantasy and eccentricity…

With designer sconces

Castorama ### The style of the staircase also goes through its lighting. Obviously, if it is fitted with state-of-the-art wall lights, you are more quickly seduced.

With a series of tables

Leroy Merlin ### The framing of posters, decorative fabrics and photos plays on the accumulation on the wall leading upstairs, enough to boost the staircase corner with a surprising arty look.

With an exhibition of precious objects

Lapeyre ### Nice crowd of vases, frames, and decorative glassware on the wall shelf located at the top of the stairs. A sober way to sublimate it in all elegance.

With color

Goal ### Do you want to let go of the authentic style of your wooden staircase? Dress it up with color! Red edges or gray steps will change its appearance!

With a spiral shape

Lapeyre ### The shape of the staircase itself can be enough to decorate it. With a pretty spiral shape, a large black railing and clean steps, it's hard not to notice its majestic and hyper aesthetic style.


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