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The same for less: A low table that throws some

The same for less: A low table that throws some

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In the living room, the dining room or in the bedroom, the low tables invade the space. We transform them into a bedside table, a side table… according to their needs. But to play the card of originality we are inspired by great creations, for a designer interior without exploding its decor budget. The editorial staff advises you on style effects.

Sotemo 810 euros / Cdiscount 199 euros

Sotemo / Cdiscount Rotating glass trays, different heights, an irresistible design ... Alone or to receive, this table has significant arguments.

Philippe Starck 348 euros / Dream in design 89 euros

Philippe Starck / Dream in design To copy one of the most famous designers, dream in design has flair. The proof with this coffee table…

Eileen Gray 210 euros / Present time 55 euros

Eileen Gray / Present time Find the exact, or almost exact, copy of one of the famous creations of designer Eileen Gray. An art-deco style coffee table always in trend.

Kartell 107 euros / Ikea 7 euros

Kartell / Ikéa The specialist publisher for its plastic creations is always something to seduce us, but the Swedish giant knows the limit of our budget.

Licia 359 euros / Maisons du monde 199 euros

Licia / Maisons du monde Bring nature inside with a table inspired by corals and tree branches.

Sotemo 822 euros / Ikea 200 euros

Sotemo / Ikea Here again nature enters the house, this time with the lightness of one or more leaves.

Tokujin Yoshioka 611 euros / Conforama 149 euros

Tokujin Yoshioka / Conforama Transparency, transparency, tell me who has the best coffee table? The editorial staff cannot choose the most beautiful, but the cheapest one has an idea.