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Visit of the Georges Delaselle garden

Visit of the Georges Delaselle garden

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Before, there were only dunes, pleasantly tickled by a gentle wind from the sea, which instilled a desire for elsewhere, a desire to open up to the world. It is undoubtedly to this impulse that Georges Delaselle, a Parisian insurer and passionate about exotic plants, responded almost 100 years ago, when he conceived the project of establishing an exotic garden in this small enclave of Batz Island. Certainly, rare plants from all over the world already grew there, on both sides, sheltered by low walls, in the gardens of sailors returned from long-distance trips. However, creating a real garden in this world of sand was a challenge, if not botanical, at least landscaped. Before the garden was able to accommodate the 2,500 species that make up its current wealth, it was necessary to work the ground in depth, by installing a cordon of artificial dunes intended to protect it from the wind, then digging within this enclave for designing terraces intended to accommodate plants. Everything was finally in place to allow the advent of a small plant paradise, just two miles from the Brittany coast. Abandoned after the death of its designer, the garden regained its colors from 1987, thanks to the efforts of a team of volunteers, determined to restore its letters of nobility. A second challenge, in turn rewarded, which allows us today to fully enjoy the charm of this small Breton oasis, with both exotic and romantic overtones.

Georges Delaselle Garden

Jardin Georges Delaselle ## Clavaire du jardin Maori The Georges Delaselle garden is in essence a garden open to the world… Here, the invitation to travel goes to Polynesia, offering to discover the superb colors of phormiums dear to the Maori.

Georges Delaselle Garden

Jardin Georges Delaselle ## Discovering the southern lands What remains of the arid dune, shaped by Georges Delasselle almost a hundred years ago? The vegetation is now so well installed and so luxuriant that nothing lets glimpse the past face of this space of two hectares, that a magician has been able to green and flower with a master's hand ...

Georges Delaselle Garden

Jardin Georges Delaselle ## Discovering agaves Beneath its air of a luxuriant oasis, the garden, home to many varieties which are on the verge of extinction in their native environments, hides a veritable conservatory of world diversity.

Georges Delaselle Garden

Jardin Georges Delaselle In the shade of the echiums Along the way, the deep romantic note that underlies the whole garden becomes more and more evident.

Georges Delaselle Garden

Jardin Georges Delaselle ## The palm grove Inexistent on the island of Batz before the arrival of Georges Delaselle, palm trees now occupy a prominent place among the 2,500 species in the garden.

Georges Delaselle Garden

Jardin Georges Delaselle ## Chamaerops Humilis The palm trees were introduced in Brittany for the benefit of the ship's commanders who were instructed to bring back new plant species from their voyages.

Georges Delaselle Garden

Jardin Georges Delaselle ## The necropolis This necropolis, dating from the Bronze Age, was discovered during earthworks preparatory to the development of the garden.

Georges Delaselle Garden

Jardin Georges Delaselle ## Sea view The island can be reached in just 15 minutes from Roscoff. The same duration then suffices to access the garden on foot.

Georges Delaselle Garden

Jardin Georges Delaselle ## View from the West terrace The climate of the island of Batz - borrowing the same mildness as the north of Africa, the north of India or the southern part of Australia - has allowed the acclimatization of plants from distant lands.


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