Practical and decorative chiffonniers

Practical and decorative chiffonniers

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A long time ago, at the time of rewinders, and other trades that disappeared, a ragpicker was a person whose job consisted in going to the cities to buy old rags, rabbit skins ... to resell them to companies of transformation. Today a chiffonnier is a drawer unit that can be found with many brands and in many styles. It has evolved well since the twentieth century. Decorative and trendy, the chiffonnier marks its big comeback in our interiors.

A chiffonnier with feminine forms

Archiexpo Without questioning the work of feminists, we find here voluptuous and rounded forms which give the chiffonnier an air of a female body. In white version, it is discreet by its color but not by its design.

A ragpicker ready to store

Cdiscount Today we take advantage of the chiffonnier for its storage advantages. It changes from the dresser or the cupboard: full of small drawers to store everything that hangs around: pens, underwear, trinkets, chargers and other sockets fits easily.

A vintage chiffonnier

Maisons du Monde For enthusiasts, there are many flea markets and other garage sales to find a vintage chiffonnier, as we do more. For those who have less time or patience, Maisons du Monde also offers pretty versions.

A chiffonier for children

Maisons du Monde Little girls also have the right to their personal and original decor. We then choose a chiffonier in pink tones, with hearts or more original patterns. Her "big" furniture. You can slip on your clothes and other accessories to make yourself beautiful.

A container rag

Maisons du Monde The wooden chiffonnier has evolved since the twentieth century. Today we find a revisited version: large drawers, brushed metal, industrial effect ... It feels like a pure New York loft, rags more.

A ragpicker from around the world

Maisons du Monde All the colors, all the cultures, all the styles… here they are united on a chiffonnier which sets the tone. However, avoid marrying it with other overly colorful furniture or accessories, to avoid that your living room looks like a circus of color.

XXL chiffonier

Maisons du Monde Wider than tall, the ragpicker can still surprise us. The drawers and storage are still there, its shape has lengthened and its covering has become weathered for even more style.

A contemporary chiffonnier

Latest version of our dear chiffonnier, elegance in addition. Who says old furniture can't reinvent itself? This will fit perfectly into a contemporary and chic bedroom or an elegant but modern living room. Its slight variations in drawer size give it more dynamism.

A light wooden chiffonnier

Fly As coming from the far North, this model reminds us of the work of Scandinavian designers and the warmth they show in their creations. Light wood and simple design have always gone well together, you don't change a winning team!