The garden sees life in flashy pink

The garden sees life in flashy pink

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Happy to become the favorite room of its inhabitants in summer, the garden sees, these days, life in pink. But not just any rose! We let the pastel shade soften the living room and the candy color adorn the little girls' room. This one, we want it to be as flashy as the color block trend, ideal for bringing a cheerful, light and irresistibly feminine breath outside ...

Flashy pink as dishes

Ikéa ### Come on, we take ourselves for a heroine of "Sex & the City" in the holiday pool while we sip a cocktail in a pink glass, served on a flowering tray. So trendy ladies!

Flashy rose as a garden pot

Castorama ### Planted in the garden, this voluminous pot tinged with a very dazzling bright pink, sets the tone.

Flashy pink as a folding table

Fly ### When the folding table where you have breakfast on the terrace is chosen in a pink tone, you do not hesitate to fix it on the wall to improvise a storage that is both practical and very decorative!

Flashy pink as a floor mat

Ikéa ### By deploying a fabric with pink Vichy tiles on the floor of the terrace, we offer ourselves an ephemeral hyper decorative floor.

Flashy pink like armchairs

Ikéa ### Facing the horizon, these two pink-tinted armchairs invite you to savor a moment of relaxation in an elegant and feminine atmosphere.

Flashy pink as an outdoor tablecloth

Fly ### If the table is not yet set, it is nevertheless dressed in a pretty pink color bringing lightness and good humor

Flashy pink like textiles

Heytens ### Strolling happily in the middle of the garden, this outdoor canopy bed is dressed in a bed linen adorned with roses but also with pink sheer curtains.

Flashy pink as exterior partition

Ikea ### To protect ourselves from prying eyes, we dressed the balcony railing in a fabric with pink and white stripes, resolutely summer color code, also used by the table and the chairs.

Pink decor outside

La Redoute ## Pink flashy as a parasol ### Free as air, this neon pink screen becomes the girly note of the terrace, for the greatest pleasure of the fairer sex.