Unusual: he covers his house with aluminum sheets

Unusual: he covers his house with aluminum sheets

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Residents of a Tarpon Springs neighborhood in Florida had the strange surprise of discovering the trees and the house of their neighbor, the artist Piotr Janowski, covered with aluminum. Completely disconcerted, some even warned the authorities (who until then had found no valid reason to punish him) while the artist defended his artistic project. Discover in pictures this strange house that has become a work of art.

A metallic facade

2015 Piotr Janowski Piotr Janowski's work is reminiscent of the leaf gilding method, but with aluminum in this case. It is difficult to say if this step has embellished or on the contrary ugly this house. The result is simply unusual, surprising and unsettling, but one thing is certain: the transformation wanted by the artist is completely successful.

Aluminum in every corner

2015 Piotr Janowski Aluminum sheets have the advantage of being very flexible and thus cover objects in every detail, accentuating their shapes and reliefs. This house-work of art allows you to observe the building with a completely different look, by becoming aware of certain details that you would not have noticed otherwise.

Even the trees were covered with aluminum

2015 Piotr Janowski The neighbors of Piotr Janowski were not taken by surprise since before transforming his house, the artist had started by covering two trees in his garden with aluminum. We note that this metallic envelope suits the trees rather well and highlights the details of their bark there too. Besides, by carrying out this project, Janowski wanted to pay homage to the beauty of the place where he lived. He did not want to attract the wrath of his neighbors, but simply to concretize an idea that had germinated in his mind since his arrival in Florida!

Trees have ears

2015 Piotr Janowski If for some the walls can have ears, here it is the trees which, when they were not wrapped in aluminum, found themselves adorned with giant ears. Janowski formed them with wire mesh before covering them again with aluminum. This time, the artist's intention is more difficult to grasp. He told the Times that "the ears are the symbol of curiosity", before adding that "it represents the relationship between nature and his work".