Waxed concrete furniture for animals

Waxed concrete furniture for animals

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Aware that furniture for animals does not always integrate harmoniously into our interiors, Loft Dog offers high-end and custom furniture that focuses on habitat trends. The Loft Dog collections then use waxed concrete to create trendy furniture that will particularly find their place in a loft or an urban interior. Presentation.


Loft Dog Like a contemporary sculpture, this piece of furniture undoubtedly evokes a pebble found on the square. It can accommodate within it an animal that will feel like a cocoon, enveloped by the roundness of the furniture.


Loft Dog To change from the traditional basket, Loft Dog offers a piece of waxed concrete which allows you to define a space for the animal. We will place a cushion in the center to create a real comfortable bed for the animal without putting aside the style. The good news is that waxed concrete is very light, so it can be easily moved.


Loft Dog Waxed concrete can be installed both indoors and outdoors thanks to its waterproof qualities. Outside, you can choose a new generation niche that hides in a flower pot. The niche then fits perfectly into the garden.


Loft Dog The Loft furniture will fit perfectly into a very designer interior thanks to its base which will accommodate the animal and the concrete backrest which incorporates shelves to add a decorative touch to the whole.

New York

Loft Dog The New York furniture takes the same base as Loft but offers a concrete backrest inspired by New York buildings by offering different column heights with clean lines. Urban atmosphere guaranteed.


Loft Dog This sleeping accommodation for dogs or cats is inspired by travel, recalling the trunks that once served as suitcases. Very modern, this model is a combination of concrete and metal for an ideal look for a loft.


Loft Dog For lovers of urban decoration, Street will not fail to create a surprise by taking inspiration from the roller-skating ramps in which the animal will settle. A more than original piece of furniture.