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Rooms for romantic girls

Rooms for romantic girls

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When little girls are not yet young women, they dream of Prince Charming and enchanted forests. For their rooms to project them into this sweet and romantic universe, the room must be both feminine and bucolic. Discover rooms that romantic little girls will love.

A soothing room

Vertbaudet For the little princesses to feel good in their room, we put on a combination of soft colors. You can use blue on the walls to help them fall asleep and feminize the room with touches of pink but also patterns in the shape of a heart or butterflies.

An enchanted forest-style room

Vertbaudet If your little girl likes Snow White more than Cinderella, the universe of her bedroom will transport her into an atmosphere of enchanted and beneficent forest. We will then opt for neutral and soft tones like mole and we will place decorative elements that evoke the forest: bed linen with leaves, small hinds as decoration on the floor.

A fairy room of nature

Maisons du monde To bring a bucolic and natural touch to your little princess' room, you will choose a pretty wooden floor with a very authentic style. On the walls, you will favor natural shades such as beige or ocher and bring a touch of fantasy with the help of colorful furniture and fun accessories such as beautiful birdhouses.

A room for birds

Vertbaudet For a bucolic atmosphere in the bedroom, choose a beautiful gray metal bed that you will dress with a canopy dotted with butterflies. On the walls, go for a pastel color and have stickers that represent bird cages for a very romantic style. The bedroom looks like an enchanted garden.

A real princess room

Maisons du Monde The real little princesses will swear by pink: on the wall with pretty polka dot wallpaper, delicate bed linen and very decorative accessories. To illuminate the whole, use white to create a base, and choose large white curtains for the windows and the canopy that sets the romantic style.

A precious room

Maisons du monde Little girls who love everything that shines will choose a bedroom where the upholstered furniture offers a silver look. You can for example opt for a headboard and an armchair but also some rhinestone cushions. Then play the card of feminine colors associated with white to create a very girly atmosphere.

A romantic retro room

Maisons du monde For a romantic-looking room, you can also bet on furniture with the charm of yesteryear. Opt for wooden furniture painted white and slightly patinated. We particularly appreciate the openwork and screened furniture for a country chic style.

Head in the stars

Maisons du monde If your little girl is allergic to the color pink, it is quite possible to transform her bedroom into a real princess bedroom. You will then favor varied tones and soft colors such as gold, beige or white and select whimsical decorative accessories: cushions and lighting with a star motif, angel wings… so many objects that will plunge him into a romantic universe imbued with sweetness.

A dream room

Maisons du monde Some romantic little girls have their heads in the clouds. We therefore prefer a room on the theme of angels with light wings as patterns and shades of gray to evoke the vaporous universe of the sky.

A room to eat!

Maisons du monde For a gourmet atmosphere in your princess's room, bet on a refined, romantic and ultra-feminine decoration. Cheerfully juggle 18th century classicism and the vitality of the 50s by painting the walls in soft colors and selecting a beautiful bed and night table set in white metal. Spice it up with decorative accessories in watered-down colors, such as these cupcake cushions, so delicate that you would almost crunch them, or this fun bedside lamp, topped with a piece of pie and a cupcake, assumed kitsch.

A little ballerina's room

Maisons du monde For your budding ballerina, select decorative accessories inspired by her favorite hobby such as this pretty model dressed in a dancer's tutu which will perfectly complement a romantic atmosphere. On the bed, choose a powder pink set and a polka dot headboard cover that will bring a nice touch of fantasy to your little girl's room.

A retro girl's room

Verbaudet To adopt this style in your little girl's room, opt for a metal crib inspired by the children's beds of yesteryear and bet on powdery colors like pastel pink which will certainly create a poetic atmosphere, imprinted with sweetness. As for accessories, you choose old objects such as a pretty little suitcase.

A floral universe

Maisons du monde For all romantic little girls, think of decorating the bedroom on a floral theme and opt for the liberty print which will bring a nice note of freshness. Feminine at will, you will use this beautiful print with small touches on the curtains or on a vintage piece of custom furniture for example.

A very authentic little girl's room

AM PM If you are bored with liberty, you can still opt for a natural decor by choosing an exotic inspiration. Replace the roses with branches or wooden furniture to bring an authentic touch to the space.

A little nomad princess bedroom

Maisons du monde For a little girl's room worthy of the tales of a thousand and one nights, you will favor rich, deep colors on the walls to create a four-poster bed. On the decorative side, you will scatter here and there colored lanterns and multiply the carpets on the floor.

A boudoir universe

Maisons du monde To bring a boudoir atmosphere to your little girl's room, you will favor powdered colors, furniture with feminine shapes inspired by furniture of yesteryear and noble materials. Cozy, elegant and glamorous, it will undoubtedly appeal to romantic little girls.

A Scandinavian-style girl's bedroom

Petite Vintage Interiors If you like the Scandinavian style, know that it will easily find its place in your daughter's room. For this you will select soft colors like taupe and ecru which will be enhanced by sweet notes of rose and iced mint and robust furniture such as this pretty peacock armchair. The patterns in the shape of a cloud, heart and triangles scattered here and there will bring a nice touch of tenderness to this playful and gourmet universe.