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10 ways to put wood in an interior decor

10 ways to put wood in an interior decor

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Contemporary decor, design or old, wood is everywhere in the decor. Armchairs with shutters, passing by shelves and trompe-l'oeil, it will give a little zen and nature to your room. The editorial staff of Téva Déco has selected 10 ways for you to stage it nicely.

Interior shutters with pallets

Téva Déco / D'home Productions Our stylist, Thomas, has made pretty interior shutters for you with simple wooden pallets. Assemble them and fix them with hinges on each side of the opening. They will find their place perfectly in a "family house" kitchen with light tones.

Old wooden chairs, revisited

Téva Déco / D'home Productions Were you ready to send them to bulky items? No ! We found the solution to reuse these old bistro chairs. Cover them with an old embroidered canvas and they will bring an offbeat side to your space.

Wooden shelves on a brick wall

Téva Déco / D'home Productions We don't think about it enough but these simple fir shelves can be very pretty in a bedroom or living room. On a light-colored wall, where even a patterned wallpaper, they will allow you to store and display all kinds of trinkets.

A wood effect trompe l'oeil screen

Téva Déco / D'home Productions Ideal for creating a delimitation between the bathroom and the toilet, this trompe-l'oeil screen will make you happy. Indeed, wood hardly finds its place in a damp room, so opt for this "old door" effect screen that will go perfectly in your retro bathroom.

A recovered decor with wooden doors

Téva Déco / D'home Productions This is not common and yet the editorial staff of Téva Déco have thought about it! In a decorative style, these wooden doors placed simply against the wall bring a lot of warmth to this space. Stuck in flea markets, do not hesitate to bring out their aestheticism by associating them with a colored wall.

Wood, real ... As a stool!

Téva Déco / D'home Productions Deco using tree trunks is unusual! You can, in fact, decorate it in a creative and surprising way to reuse it as a coffee table, shelf or even armchair. Here, our stylist, Thomas has sanded the trunk and then added a colored seat to dress a designer interior.

Wood on the walls and on the floor

Téva Déco / D'home Productions You can also simply decorate the room with wood! Imitation wood wallpaper on the walls or lino-effect slats on the floor will go perfectly with furniture in fir or raw oak.

Small discreet furniture

Téva Déco / D'home Productions In a vegetal atmosphere with trompe-l'oeil wallpaper reproducing a wild landscape, you can place some light wooden furniture to recall the natural spirit of the office, bedroom or living room. live.

Teen office

Téva Déco / D'home Productions For a teen office, it is important to have a large work plan to do your homework properly. In a well-colored and well-decorated room, a wooden desk, made with simple planks, will bring a little clarity to the room. You can complete this workspace by adding cupboards and shelves.