Top 8 efficient vacuum cleaners

Top 8 efficient vacuum cleaners

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To clean the house well, you need the right tools! So for spring cleaning, we offer ourselves a powerful vacuum cleaner that will make your task easier. We have selected 8 models for you to offer this spring.

An intelligent robot vacuum cleaner

Hoover At Hoover, the robot vacuum cleaner is also intelligent. Thanks to intelligent sensors, it detects the amount of dust in order to automatically regulate the suction rate. We also appreciate the turbo mode which allows an optimal result in a minimum of time.

A special vacuum cleaner for pet owners

Bosch At Bosch, we have thought of all animal lovers who do not want to see the hairs of their friends flying throughout the house. They then offer a 1800W vacuum cleaner as powerful as a 2400W motor which allows deep vacuuming. We also like the crevice tool to vacuum the hair on the sofa!

A vacuum cleaner that does not lose suction

La Redoute At Dyson, the emphasis is on the quality of suction. They therefore offer a bagless vacuum cleaner that does not lose any suction in order to guarantee you always efficient cleaning.

A robot vacuum cleaner that detects obstacles

E.Zicom This robot vacuum cleaner is particularly suitable for crowded houses because it offers a particularly effective object detector which will also allow you to perfectly define the area to be vacuumed.

A new bagless vacuum cleaner

Electrolux To put an end to the dust that must be emptied after using a bagless vacuum cleaner, Electrolux has imagined Ultracaptic. This new generation vacuum cleaner uses Compact & Go technology to compact the dust into a disc that is very easy and hygienic to empty. A real revolution.

A compact and lightweight vacuum cleaner

Electrolux So that the vacuum cleaner blends with other household objects, The UltraOne Mini by Electrolux offers you a modern and refined design which combines with high performance, a compact and light format for a practical daily cleaning. .

A stick vacuum

Electrolux Cordless and bagless, the UltraPower offers you efficient daily suction, in particular thanks to its motorized brush. Its plus: front lighting that tracks dust throughout the house.