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The playful design of Presse Citron to discover

The playful design of Presse Citron to discover

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At Presse Citron, a French publishing house, the design is above all playful with practical creations that offer original lines. The plus: the brand favors * made in France *. Discover 10 Presse Citron creations that have become essentials in decoration.

The Plio shelf

Presse Citron In the same way, the Plio shelf will follow your desires and needs with modules to be assembled to create an original structure. Perfect for those who get tired of their furniture quickly and who can therefore change its appearance.

The Piet hook

Presse Citron It's impossible not to think of Mondrian's colorful work because this coat hook uses the primary colors dear to the artist and the structure recalls the geometry of his paintings. These funny coat hooks are to be assembled at will to hang more or less clothes.

Barok shelves

Presse Citron To stage your books and make them real decorative assets, Presse Citron has imagined shelves that take the form of baroque frames. The effect is so stunning that these shelves have become an essential decoration!

The Stick shelf

Presse Citron If you want a more sober shelf, you will also find models that more simply frame your books, giving them just as much style. We do not hesitate to multiply them to offer a complete library.

The PQtier

Presse Citron Presse Citron is the inventor of PQTier, a funny decorative tree that serves as a toilet paper roll holder. You bring a touch of originality in your toilet while storing easily.

Lookat coat hooks

Presse Citron Difficult to guess that these eyes to hang on the wall are coat hooks, yet you can put a garment on the pupil to store in an original way. The plus: without clothes, these hooks are sure to catch your eye!

The M30 photo frame

Presse Citron When Presse Citron revisits the jumble, it gives a graphic frame with magnetic accessories to enhance your photos in different sizes. What create a real work of art for your walls.

The Réso coat rack

Presse Citron A little bit of nature in your interior! Thanks to this coat rack in plant design, you can hang your coats elegantly and decorate your walls when it is empty. Note that this design also exists in a single coat hook.

The Sipli wall lamp

Presse Citron Presse Citron is reinventing the wall lamp to give it a much more designer look! Again, make way for inventiveness because you can compose your light creation by assembling different wall lights.