Chez Hannelore et Didier: a gallery-style loft

Chez Hannelore et Didier: a gallery-style loft

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It is in an old industrial building (the Maison de la Fonderie) that is located the 175m2 loft of Hannelore and Didier. The building was divided into several lots with impressive volumes and high ceilings. It is according to these specificities that the couple took possession of the space. Hannelore has always been in contact with the artistic community since her childhood, contemporary works of art therefore take a very important place in her interior. For 14 years the loft has been moving, the works come and go, nothing is frozen, it is a constant wind of renewal and freshness blowing in the apartment of Hannelore and Didier.

The design lounge in chiaroscuro

Cloporte The living room asserts its contemporary and shameless design side with its Cappellini coffee table, its Le Corbusier armchair and its ten o'clock standard lamp. The light is soft and soft for a cozy Mad Men atmosphere enriched by this bar furniture, this vase (flea market) against the back wall and its wire sculpture (Habitat).

The original cuisine

Cloporte From the living room there is a corridor along which the couple have placed their kitchen furniture. Everything is functional and fits perfectly with the design character of the apartment. The kitchen was custom designed by a carpenter.

The play corner and its vintage table football

Cloporte A play area has been designed between the kitchen and the living room in order to be able to partition the space a minimum and punctuate it. A vintage table football (offered as a wedding gift to the couple) is the centerpiece. Chandelier: Ingo Maurer. Pebble floor and Ikea storage unit.

The industrial staircase

Cloporte To stay in the original industrial aspect of the building, the couple had a staircase made of perforated sheet metal, the latter dressed in fine grids of water filters. The choice of a light solid oak parquet floor to take you to the sleeping area of ​​the loft warms up the raw, undue appearance of the staircase and the rest of the apartment.

The living room and its designer furniture

Cloporte Here is the living room from another angle, a spirit of concrete and raw materials mixed with ultra design furniture. The Coffee Table is a creation of the architect Gaé Aulenti. A trophy from the artist Olivia Thery comes to decorate the concrete block wall.

A very pointed decoration

Cloporte We often find photos on the wall at Hannelore and Didier: on this wall a photographic work by Mathieu Hubert.

Transparency games in the kitchen

Cloporte Around the kitchen, we partition but we partition in light and transparency thanks to safety glass panels. Again we play with the spirit of construction and raw material.

Art again and again

Cloporte Art is everywhere here as in this pretty drawing made especially for Hannelore by the painter Hervé Di Rosa. It was as part of her work in a design agency in 1993 that Hannelore once crossed paths with this artist, admitting her admiration, the latter will then draw this drawing for her.

Personal and vintage playful decor

Cloporte Deco is not taken seriously at Hannelore and Didier, of course, there are pieces by contemporary artists but also toys or objects with sentimental value (travel souvenirs, photos…) and all of these harmonize with taste and subtlety. In Didier's office, childhood memories coexist with more classic pieces like his Berger lamps in the background (design All three).

In the parents' room: lightness and poetry

Cloporte Another design nod in the parents' room with this famous winged wall lamp by Ingo Maurer.

Victor's snow globe collection

Woodlice In the children's room, focus on the kitsch and touching collection of Victor (the eldest son). When we told you that the decor was not taken seriously ...

Tanzanian sculpture

Cloporte Reported from honeymoon this sculpture is of particular importance for the couple.