A dresser for my dining room

A dresser for my dining room

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When you love beautiful dishes, nothing like a display cabinet to make it visible outside meals. Discover our selection of dressers for the dining room.

Transparent highboard

Ferm Living The decorative idea of ​​this dresser: play on the transparency of its display case to stage only stemware, also 100% translucent…

Window dresser

AM.PM A large dresser whose transparency blends divinely with the elegance of porcelain.

Illuminated highboard

Ikéa Inside this vast dresser: spots! To stage stemware, small and large plates, we love…

Natural highboard

Maisons du Monde A pretty display case for placing the dishes. Wood, linen and greige color: here is a chic and natural dresser!

Extra large highboard

AM.PM Order is in order in this extra large dresser. Behind transparent glass, plates, cups, bowls and glasses are in their place!

Clean dresser

Maisons du Monde One rule for this white dresser: accept only immaculate bowls and plates and transparent glasses. The objective: to be clean.

Handcrafted dresser

Maisons du Monde Inside: terracotta pots. Outside: a turquoise patinated effect piece of furniture. In short, a traditional / tropical style dresser for lovers of authenticity and a change of scenery.

Patinated highboard

Maisons du Monde Here is a dresser that fits perfectly into a charming atmosphere. Its particularity: its weathered appearance over time ...

Country chic dresser

Maisons du Monde Terroir-style tableware and storage baskets are arranged in a patinated piece of furniture… here is how to give the shop window a chic country style!