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I want a white Christmas!

I want a white Christmas!

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Bright and cottony like a snowfield at Christmas, white has become essential in the decoration of the holiday season. Extremely elegant, it is at once poetic, sober and original, while perfectly matching the Scandinavian trend. With a golden, silver or copper touch, this year, I want a snow white Christmas!

White christmas balls

Sostrene Grene Pristine white fir decorations bring light to the dark foliage of the conifer. By playing the white card, possibly with a few touches of silver, your tree will be absolutely elegant!

White dishes

Cohim On New Years Eve, a few good ideas are enough to make a simple white dish look like a party. A golden ball or a branch of eucalyptus on the plate, candles, and voila…

White candles The white candles create a soft and warm atmosphere that perfectly matches the Christmas spirit. Alone or in accumulation, in wooden, glass, brass or white ceramic candlesticks, they alone provide the magic of the decor.

A white light garland in the center of the table

Lindas Lille Verden On a beautiful white linen tablecloth, or directly on a light wooden tray, a white light garland dresses the table with light. A simple idea to recommend with your eyes closed ... Source: Lindas Lille Verden

Bright white stars

La Petite Scandinave Poétique, this luminous star guides guests towards a magical New Year's Eve, where beauty rhymes with simplicity.

An immaculate Christmas crib

Monoprix White like porcelain, this little Christmas crib is absolutely pure. Modern and tender at the same time.

A frosted door crown On the door too, the Christmas wreath seems covered with snow and frost, for a truly successful decorative effect.

Snow white gift packages

Confetti & co With perfect elegance, white gift wrap is always a great success. For a more festive look, add a silver or gold label, a small fir branch, or a strip of kraft paper. Long live winter white!

Paper candle jars

La Source d'Angèle With absolute poetry, these white paper candle holders (fireproof, of course) create a soft and festive atmosphere. A very nice idea to light up the holidays.

Snow globes galore

Don't mess with the rabbit To invite snow to the table, these name-tagged snow globes combine poetry and humor. A quirky accessory for an immaculate Christmas. Source: Don't mess with the rabbit

Fake snow on the windows

Selina Lake It only remains to wish that it snows this year at Christmas to cover the landscape with a white veil ... Otherwise nothing prevents cheating by decorating the windows with artificial flakes! Source: Selina Lake