Imitation frames on the walls

Imitation frames on the walls

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Want to play the "ultra flat" card rather than that of volume, to surf the trompe-l'oeil trend or simply to think outside the box, the decor framing decided to convert to adhesive and wallpaper to shave the walls. All for an irresistibly stylized look.


Fly ### Above the bed, a panoply of small adhesive frames welcome memories between friends stolen from the photo booth. It's chic, feminine and pretty!


Mimi Lou ### Who says photo frame often says jumble! Here is a rather original one since it takes shape under the air of whimsical garlands, and since it is a sticker! Postcards and photos don't seem to go unnoticed…


Harlequin ### When the wallpaper draws its inspiration from the walls adorned with frames from floor to ceiling, all you have to do is personalize it as you please, why not with greasy pencils and brushes! Long live the colors, patterns and homemade designs…


Harlequin ### Another example of a wallpaper multiplying the framing patterns on which we have come to affix its artistic imprint. To be appropriated urgently in the child's room!


Delamaison ### Elegance in the foreground for these adhesives in the form of golden frames with meticulously sculpted finishes. The grand century style awaits us.


Fly ### The dining room allows a little fantasy by surrounding itself with stickers / frames of different sizes and different styles on the walls.


Jardindéco ### In the baby's room, some family photos were interfered on the walls inside floral, round or rectangular frames, sticker version.


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