From floor to ceiling, my kitchen as new

From floor to ceiling, my kitchen as new

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When you want to completely revamp your kitchen, you can already imagine spending hours working on it. However, with a few simple tips and ideas to carry out, everyone can get started without transforming their room into a real work site. Easy-to-install vinyl floors, practical adhesive backings to fix or quick paint stroke, here are 10 ideas to make your kitchen like new from floor to ceiling!

Stick stickers on cupboards

Like a Color If you are tired of your kitchen furniture, but it is still in good condition, there is no need to start from scratch and buy everything. At Like a Color, we offer tailor-made stickers that revamp your kitchen in no time. Easy to install and more economical, it is the solution to give new life to your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Repaint a piece of wall

Dulux Valentine Simple idea, but one that has a small effect: repainting a piece of wall in a bright color to awaken the decor. We particularly like the red stripe effect on the stove and the hood which gives height to the kitchen.

Lay a new floor

Saint Maclou The vinyl floor still has a bright future ahead thanks to new models with the most successful effects. In the kitchen, we choose a waxed concrete floor that we put directly on the old tiles. Practical and economical!

Change switches

Leroy Merlin When you give a fresh blow to a room, there is no question of rushing the finishes. We therefore change the old switches with chrome models totally in tune with the times.

Install a new work plan

Netovia Tired of your old-fashioned tile worktop? Exchange it with a prettier and more trendy one. Our favorite of the moment: a brown wooden worktop that contrasts with black furniture and that warms metal-look furniture.

Attach shelves

Ikea Investing in kitchen furniture can quickly add to the bill. Since they are most appreciated right now, opt for shelves that will accommodate your most beautiful dishes. The Scandinavian spirit is there!

Change handles

Ikéa Simple and decorative solution: replace its slightly worn door handles with a much more trendy version. Your kitchen gets a makeover at a lower cost.

Repaint the sink with a resin

Leroy Merlin Changing your sink yourself can quickly be complicated, so to save hours of work, choose the resin paint option. Once applied, all you have to do is let it dry, and you are with a sink like new!

Replace an old mixer

Banyo Give a little class to this brand new sink by changing only the mixer. With a more designer version, the whole kitchen is transformed.