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10 interiors for 10 destinations

10 interiors for 10 destinations

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No need to empty your bank account to go around the world! Sit comfortably in your armchair and let yourself be carried away by this slideshow which gives pride of place to the interiors that are making the trunk. From the Mediterranean to the Sahara via Oceania, discover 10 interiors inspired by elsewhere and as many ideas for a decoration around the theme of travel. Immediate take off!

A decoration around the world with a stopover in the desert…

H&M Home Wake up to the doors of the desert on this terrace designed by H&M Home. The washed linen table linen, the ecru sheers that float in the wind, the wicker chair that takes the pill in the sun and the chair cushions with graphic patterns: everything here evokes the comforting warmth of the nomad tents set up in the desert. The Little Prince himself would not resist it!

The jungle book decorative version

Maisons du Monde With its rattan pendant lamp, exotic woods, plant prints, green plants and wallpaper with tropical accents, this interior brings the jungle into the living room, comfort version (and without snakes!). You now understand why the Amazon jungle is THE trendy travel destination in the living room?

London style decor!

Babatude Boutique / Press Loft The Brexit of decoration… it's not for now! The proof with this 100% London-inspired staging. The Big Ben sticker and the London bus invite themselves into the decor to draw a so British urban interior. Here the travel decoration is placed under the sign of the Union Jack!

Design destination: New York City

Stephen Di Donato / Unsplash Here, the living room travels to put down your suitcases in a loft in Manhattan (or Brooklyn) ... Brick wall, raw materials, canopies and suspensions with an industrial look make all the charm of this interior which materializes the dream ... American of course!

Africa… it's chic!

La Redoute Chic and elegant, this lounge takes you to Africa via some very subtle decorative touches. African masks here, ethnic patterns there and ebony and warm colors: voila. The mix of exotic wood and Scandinavian aesthetic brings a design touch to the room. Here, the decor travels to Africa via a one-way trip… in business class please!

The decor travels… under the Mexico sun!

Maisons du Monde Woven baskets, shimmering colors, ceramic objects, prints with ethnic patterns and XXL cacti draw this Mexican decor full of pep and good humor. The little extra? Add a braided rug to enhance the Chicano spirit. Ay caramba!

The decor travels to the aborigines of Australia

La Redoute Sober and elegant, this lounge pays homage to Aboriginal culture through decorative, graphic and very subtle touches. The cushions with Aboriginal accents echo the patterns of the fringed carpet and the handcrafted coffee table to take us to these distant destinations where the decor rarely ventures ... Wrong!

Japanese decor in the spotlight in this interior

Dash et Albert / Press loft Direction the Empire of the Rising Sun with this room with minimalist decor. Clean design, smooth surfaces, stripped colors, organic materials and futon: all the ingredients are there for nights as zen as a meditative walk in a Japanese garden.

When decoration pays for a world tour

MapsInternational / Press Loft It is the dream of a life that can be read on the walls of this interior with accents of the globe. Here the decor travels around the world, with no specific destination ... A vintage suitcase, a Chesterfield style sofa, a hat and a map of the world glued to the wall: we play it as a great traveler of the early twentieth century. We like the idea of ​​the boater and the film camera, placed in the decor like holiday trophies…


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