The seaside style seen by Léa

The seaside style seen by Léa

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Against stress, we each have our little secrets. For some it is chocolate for me, born very close to the Mediterranean, these are walks by the sea. As I do not have the chance to live close to water and that the supermarket at the corner of my street does not yet offer ready-to-eat canned seafood, I decided to recreate the seaside atmosphere directly at home thanks to some decorative ideas found at Maisons du Monde. Embark on a guided tour of my universe!

On vacation, every day of the year

Foodshot My secret to transforming my moments of relaxation on my couch into a moment of lazing by the water is to make my own sorbets and present them on real ice cream cones. It immediately gives a holiday air and it pleases young and old alike!

A mouth-watering dining area

Maisons du Monde Summer at sea also means reuniting with friends, barbecues that drag on and naps in the sun. What I like about this dining room is that we take advantage of this summer atmosphere 365 days a year. Simply, instead of putting our toes in a fan on our beach towels, we put them on these pretty woven rugs! Lewis jute rug, Maisons du Monde, € 139

Invite the sun to your table

Foodshot My cute sin is the tomato-mozzarella salad. Nothing like it, in my opinion, to bring the sun on a table. But as I cannot have them every day of the year (there is really zero flavor in tomatoes out of season), I opt for pretty woven placemats, found at Maisons du Monde, which remind me of the 'summer. Lot of 2 placemats Malta, Maisons du Monde, € 11.98

An ocean of dreams

Maisons du Monde Cradled by the sound of the waves, I fall asleep very easily. It really is a sound that soothes and relaxes me. Except that hello the damage when you wake up after two hours of nap in full sun. To relax without taking risks, you bring the sea (without UV) directly into the room thanks to the turquoise blue and natural materials. I had a real crush on the small pebble lamp which reminds me of those I picked up as a child. Dramont ceramic lamp, Maisons du Monde, € 77.50

Treasure hunt

Daniel Borsos As a child, the seaside is an inexhaustible reservoir of treasures. In our small plastic buckets, we are proud to carry pebbles and shells… which, at the end of the holidays, invade the house! I found large glass vases at Maisons du Monde which I diverted to store all the treasures brought back. Like that, I make a pebble twice: I decorate and I put away!

Sunbathing on the terrace

Maisons du Monde If there is one sport in which I am sure I will win all the championships, it is lazing in the sun. So, obviously, I fell for this weathered rocking chair that cried out to me "come and have hours of nap in my arms." Married to a decor made of wood, rattan and blue fabrics, it easily transforms our terrace into a small corner of the beach. Calanque rocking chair, Maisons du Monde, € 299

Immerse yourself in a book

Pexels Reading is really the activity that relaxes me whether I'm on vacation or at home. As soon as the beautiful days arrive, installed on my terrace in my rocking chair, I find the serenity of my summer readings on the beach.

A trendy living room

Maisons du Monde The seaside style is not necessarily fish and shellfish everywhere. What I like about the decor is that you can create a whole holiday atmosphere in the sun just by staying in the suggestion. This fair brilliantly succeeds in the exercise! I was inspired by the marriage between designer armchairs and nature-style coffee tables for my own home. A mix of style to adopt urgently for a seaside living room in full trend! If I love this living room so much, it is also for its original furniture, like this glass and branching coffee table. Rivage coffee table, Maisons du Monde, € 299

The wild seaside nature What would the seaside be without their fauna and flora? This coastal wilderness fascinates me. As a child, I could spend hours observing all these insects that live in the sand and all these birds that come to land there. To make a nod to this very special nature, I integrated driftwood into my decor.