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Vintage style seen by Marie

Vintage style seen by Marie

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I love that the objects and furniture that surround me have a history, that they remind me of my grandma's or that Italian film that I love with beautiful actors and gleaming Vespa. In short, I love vintage! I love the timeless charm of vintage furniture, their style that is both sophisticated and authentic. At Maisons du Monde, I find all this - whether furniture in the Scandinavian spirit of the 50s or retro of the 70s -, revisited and trendy and I really like! I explain in pictures!

Back from the booksellers

Pexels To be enthroned in my retro Maisons du Monde perfect shelves, I just have to go do the booksellers and dig up some vintage books… I hesitate between Ian Flemming or bound books. I like the yellowed pages and the illustrations of the vintage covers.

To taaaaable!

Maisons du Monde Scandinavian design spirit of the 60s in this dining room: timeless charm of rounded lines, precious wood and tender colored details. I need this oval dining table with compass feet and warm wood as quickly as possible, which looks like two drops of water to the one I have been looking in vain at the Flea Market for ages. Oval dining room table in solid sheesham wood Andersen, Maisons du Monde, 599 euros

Vintage posters for cozy dining room

Pexels And to pose on the sideboard of my beautifully vintage dining room - or to lay on the floor for a more arty atmosphere, posters or mottled photos would be perfect: a BD cover that would remind me of my childhood, the photo of a glamorous icon of the fifties, I could not choose. However, failing to find a flea market, we will surely find happiness at Maisons du Monde.

We display his family photos!

Maisons du Monde We are going into the seventies with this nice Maisons du Monde frame and that is not to displease me. For me, the best way to display my favorite family photos - with 24 photos, there will be no jealous, from the black and white photo of my grandparents dancing to the photo a little more recent of my nephew Leon's birthday party! 24 Vintage photos frame, Maisons du Monde, 79.90 euros

Click, click, it's in the box!

Pexels In flea markets and garage sales, I can't help flashing - sorry for the pun - on old film cameras that I certainly wouldn't use if I didn't have suitable films, but I love them!

Light sixties version

Maisons du Monde Elegantly revisiting sixties lighting, this floor lamp will be perfect for lighting a sofa, table or even an armchair - my favorite option! Not only will copper warm your living room but it will also give it a very chic contemporary touch. Copper metal and plexi floor lamp Sphere Copper, Maisons du Monde, 139.90 euros

The sizzle of vinyl

Pexels Why do I listen to vinyls? For this so particular little sizzle, for this so much warmer sound, for the gesture too - choose your disc, take it out then carefully install it on the turntable. Comfortably installed in my vintage-style leather sofa found at Maisons du Monde, I close my eyes and listen.

The perfect TV stand straight out of the 50s

Maisons du Monde I found the TV cabinet of my dreams at Maisons du Monde: very Scandinavian design of the fifties, it combines wooden shelves, closed storage and space for your television. The furniture adorns the living room wall elegantly, so I can store my collection of cult films, books and others around my television. TV cabinet shelf Portobello, Maisons du Monde, 699 euros

Roman holidays

Pexels Show me a Vespa and I want immediately to watch Roman holidays and Audrey Hepburn take a tour of the city of Rome again with Gregory Peck in the back of his Vespa! Perfect TV evening in perspective!




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