The new 3 Suisses collection to discover

The new 3 Suisses collection to discover

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The mixture of styles is invited in the new collection of 3 Suisses. You wake up its minimalist interior with a colorful universe and ethnic patterns. Let yourself be inspired by these chic and elegant universes in 10 images.

An exotic lounge

3 Suisses The atmosphere of this stay allows you to travel without leaving your chair. Its carpet with Aztec inspirations, its natural materials like rattan and its romantic colors break the codes and create a style full of authenticity.

Gray for a chic atmosphere

3 Suisses We put on a total gray look in the living room to create a refined atmosphere. To avoid darkening the room, you can choose furniture and accessories in different colors with a sofa and lighter curtains, for example.

Colorful accessories

3 Suisses The appointment of this new collection, furniture in bright colors. Bet on blue, red and even yellow chairs and storage units that energize the room when combined with raw materials.

Clean furniture

3 Suisses The furniture of this dining room plays the card of elegance by offering clean lines and raw materials. Wicker chairs and stoneware vases accentuate the chic and natural side of the room.

Color mixing

3 Suisses For this season, the house has no shortage of colors. We adopted a midnight blue sofa and mismatched yellow and sky blue coffee tables to give the decor a boost.

Contrasts in the living room

3 Suisses To awaken a classic decor but no less design, we put on a carpet with graphic patterns. Combined with clean lines and a light fabric sofa, the atmosphere is soft and modern.

Mix & Match

3 Suisses In this dining room, the watchword is Mix & Match. We give modernity to the room by combining furniture of flea market inspiration with more contemporary furniture.

A sober living room

3 Suisses To contrast with a dark wall, choose a sofa in soft colors. To accompany it, bet on furniture with clean lines and pastel colors that create a minimalist chic side in the living room.

A Scandinavian touch

3 Suisses Always present in the decor, the Scandinavian style is mixed with more contemporary furniture. Colorful cubes and simple armchair mix with tripod coffee tables of Nordic inspiration for a very successful style effect.