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Paris Fair 2014: these life-changing home appliance innovations

Paris Fair 2014: these life-changing home appliance innovations

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Like every year, the Paris Fair gives a special place to household appliances and in particular to new products by presenting a great innovation prize. The jury of experts has just delivered its verdict and rewarded the Samsung washing machine, the Asko induction hob and the Astoria steam generator for household appliances. But at the writing of, we decided (a bit like the fan school) that everyone was a winner and therefore that all these products deserved a slideshow of choice.

No more fuel on the fire

Asko Thanks to the Asko ** IQCook ** cooktop, you will no longer have to keep an eye on your pots and pans. Sensors to be placed on the cover transmit the information necessary to adjust the settings to the hob. 7 cooking modes can be controlled: boiling, simmering, steam cooking, grill cooking, frying, low temperature or keeping warm. Silver Trophy of the Grand Prix de l'Innovation at the Foire de Paris. ** Asko, IQCook HI1645IQ induction hob (no price yet) **

Spoiled for choice

Astoria If you hesitate between a steam generator and an iron, the ** Astoria Clic n'Steam ** is the ideal device. If you are in a hurry, use this device in iron mode: with a single click, the iron disengages from the base and becomes light and handy again. But if you have to fight against a whole basket of ironing linen, resume the central steam mode for unequaled power thanks to the unlimited autonomy and the turbo steam function. Elected favorite of the Grand Prix de l'Innovation at the Foire de Paris. ** Astoria, Clic n'Steam steam generator (no price yet) **

Whiter than white in less than an hour

Miele The new ** Miele W1 ** washing machine is a concentrate of innovations but for us, only the result counts. Thanks to an elaborate water circulation inside the machine, Miele promises us an irreproachable result in less than an hour. The problem of overdose of detergent is also nonexistent since it is the machine which automatically delivers the ideal dose of products. Finally, this washing machine has a smoothing function for your most delicate textiles. ** Miele, W1 washing machine, from € 1,400 **

A fryer without oil but with advantages

De'Longhi If oil-free fryers have conquered the market for a few years, they haven't been talked about for a while. With the ** Multifry by De'Longhi **, the subject will become hot again. Imagine that this oil-free fryer is also capable of transforming into a multicooker for making risottos and casseroles or in an oven for preparing cakes, pies and pizzas. ** De'Longhi, Multifry multi-fryer, 200 € **

As simple as a smartphone

Electrolux The Electrolux ** Exsight ** technology turns your oven into a real intuitive and pleasant culinary aid. With a touch and color LCD screen, this oven guides you through each stage of preparation. Just let yourself be guided! Far from being an oven for beginners, it also has professional functions such as steam cooking and sous-vide cooking. Finally its "Velvet Closing" system allows a soft and assisted closing of the door. ** Electrolux, Exsight AOC5956AOX oven, from € 1,199 **

Always fresh

Vzug When smells permeate delicate clothes such as costumes and evening dresses, the only solution is dry cleaning. The ** Refresh Butler by Z-Vug ** is a new type of wardrobe which allows you to refresh your clothes so that they regain their outfit from the first day. In addition to the "Refresh" function, you can also use the "Hygiene" function to destroy all germs and the "Dry" function for clothes soaked in rain. ** Z-Vug, Refresh Butler cabinet (no price yet) **

An ice palace

Vorwerk If the chore of cleaning windows is a torture for you, the ** Kobold VG100 from Vorwerk ** is to be placed in your hands. In a single operation, this device allows you to humidify your glass, to clean with precision thanks to its microfiber cloth and to dry thanks to an air vent. The gesture is simple and light since the Kobold weighs only 995 grams. ** Vorwerk, Kobold VG100 window cleaner, price: 249 € **

Cap 'of blowing bubbles

Sodastream Sodastream, specialist in soda machines, has further simplified the manufacture of homemade sodas and sparkling water by launching its ** Sodastream Caps **, capsules to clip onto bottles. In a single gesture, you flavor your sparkling water at the right dose to magically transform it into lime lemonade or cola soda. ** Sodastream, Caps capsules, different flavors, from € 8.49 for 8 capsules **

Stop food waste

Siemens The fight against food waste is everyone's business and Siemens wanted to help responsible consumers with its VacuumTechnology innovation on its latest Vita Fresh refrigerator. With a drawer that creates a vacuum, this refrigerator can keep up to 5 times longer. ** Siemens, KG 38 QAL 30 refrigerator, price: € 1,799.99 **

The least is the most

Dyson Dyson had convinced us that the vacuum cleaner bags were useless, here it is again with new technology that allows to ignore the filter to change. The ** Dyson Cinetic ** uses oscillation and vibration to prevent the vacuum cleaner from getting clogged, without using a filter. All without loss of suction, of course! ** Dyson, Cinetic canister vacuum cleaner, DC52 range, from € 550 **

The kitchen cabinet

Neff Small spaces also have the right to luxury! As proof, the kitchen cabinet ** C = 1m2 of Neff ** risks making you regret your central island. This new concept of kitchen on wheels perfectly meets the growing demand of young urban people in need of space. As pretty as it is functional, the C = 1m2 fits into any interior and will allow you to put small dishes in large ones, even in a studio. ** Neff, kitchen C = 1m2, price: € 6,500 **

Comfortable aging

Eurocave The new ** Révélation d'Eurocave ** range focuses on a more pleasant presentation and use of wine cellars. The shelves are now fully sliding, the sommelier's hands (the system on which the bottles rest) are more universal and the lighting has been redesigned to provide better comfort and better readability. ** Eurocave, Révélation range wine cellar, from € 2,720 **

Just as in real life

Electrolux Electrolux used people's real life to design its ** RealLife ** dishwasher. Noting that consumers were unable to fit all of their dishes into their appliance, Electrolux redesigned the load for maximum flexibility and comfort. The upper basket can thus accommodate 25 cm plates and the folding pins of the lower basket make it possible to adapt the dishwasher to its contents. In 2014, this range is again in the spotlight with an XXL load, the largest on the market. ** Electrolux, RealLife dishwasher, from € 800 **

The robot for cooking everything

Moulinex The Moulinex Companion can do almost anything: pastry, sauces, casseroles, steamed dishes, breads and soups. Equipped with an intuitive and easy control screen, it transforms any beginner cook into a blue cord and rids the kitchen of many bulky household appliances. Tested at the writing, the Companion can quickly prove to be essential. ** Moulinex, Companion food processor, price: € 699 **

A microwave chef

Whirlpool Forget your prejudices about microwave ovens, today they can compete with traditional ovens as proven by the ** Whirlpool Jet Chef premium **. It not only looks good, but also offers sophisticated functions such as the integration of 90 preprogrammed recipes, Crisp baking, Bread Defrost (a defrosting of bread ideal for crisp) or even Boil baking specialized in rice and pasta preparation. ** Whirlpool, Jet Chef premium microwave, from € 400 **

In raw state

Falcon If Falcon is usually attached to presenting us cooking pianos in original colors, this new product puts on sobriety with a slate gray tint. On the technology side, the Falcon Nexus is a luxury piano with three ovens, one of which is fitted with a sliding tray and a warm drawer in which the bread dough can also be raised. ** Falcon, Nexus cooking piano, price: € 3,399 **