20 tips to tidy up your kitchen cupboards

20 tips to tidy up your kitchen cupboards

We all dream of an immaculate kitchen where everything has its place and where nothing lingers. If at first, this seems impossible to us, know that all it takes is simple tips to optimize each cupboard and each drawer. Do you find it hard to believe us? Wait until you see the 20 practical tips we found for you on Pinterest!

Tip 2: Organized cupboards

Everyday organizing Hermetic storage boxes will allow you to organize your storage. A plastic box for tupperware, another for jars… who says better? Source: Everyday organizing

Tip 3: practical closet storage

Martha Stewart / Tara Austen Weaver To overcome the clutter in our cupboards, you can also bet on an organizer for supplies that will allow you to store your pans and find them in a jiffy when cooking. Source: Martha Stewart / The kitchn

Tip 4: compartmentalized drawers

Two twenty one For the storage of our drawers, we can opt for drawers with compartments of different sizes which will allow you to distinguish spoons, forks and knives. Source: Two twenty one

Tip 5: Hanging jars close at hand

HGTV A great idea to save space and store your food: the kitchen jars hanging on a shelf. Source: Grannies kitchen

Tip 6: Bottles of wine at your fingertips

Martha Stewart / Adventures in creating Not always easy to put away your bottles of wine. So instead of leaving them lying around in a corner of our room, we put on a bottle rack which has the advantage of adequately protecting the bottles against vibrations, humidity and temperature variations. Source: Martha Stewart / Hometalk

Tip n ° 7: storage for household products

Ana white Ah the happiness of the household product cupboard, always crowded, often soiled, in short… not practical at all! Fortunately for us, there is a solution: this storage system with compartment and paper reel. The dream ! Source: Ana white

Tip # 8: Think about the lost spaces

Instructables Why not use the space between the wall and the refrigerator to install a handmade condiment storage system. A trick that also makes it possible to conceal in a practical and effective way the elements of the unsightly kitchen. Source: Instructables

Tip n ° 9: kitchen utensils at your fingertips

The hyper house No more kitchen utensils scattered around the kitchen thanks to small hooks installed in our cupboards. A smart trick to quickly and easily access your kitchen equipment. Source: The hyper house

Tip n ° 10: A handmade storage wall

Instructables With hooks, hooks or rods, you can imagine lots of tips for storing your kitchen utensils and hanging dishes that you need to keep on hand. More info on this DIY: Instructables

Tip # 11: organize the utensil drawers

Homedit - Max Kim-Bee Thanks to a very precise organization in your drawers, scissors, knives, nutcracker, garlic press ... are perfectly stored. You will no longer have any excuse for not finding your utensils! Sources: Homedit & Country Living

Tip # 12: divert document holders

Mimi's Crafty World - Homedit To store your potatoes, onions or rolls of aluminum foil or parchment, go to the "school supplies" section of your supermarket and buy one or more document holders. Simply slipped into the cupboard or fixed inside a door, they will allow you to save real space. Sources: Mimi's Crafty World & Homedit

Tip # 13: multiply the lockers

Martha Stewart / Melaska Rather than stacking everything in your cupboards, create lockers to store each utensil vertically and have easy access when you need it. Sources: Apartment Therapy & Photobucket

Tip # 14: use small plastic boxes

Chez Larsson - Homedit The best way to save space in your cupboards is without hesitation to use mini plastic storage boxes. These will save you from having to deal with the different packaging sizes of each of your products. Sources: Chez Larsson & Homedit

Tip # 15: bet on spice racks

Homedit - Marion {m} Having access to all your spices without having to turn over your cupboard is possible by adopting a space that is exclusively reserved for them. A small modular alcove, a large wall shelf, it's up to you! Sources: Homedit & Marion {m}

Tip # 16: Store everything in glass jars

Home Shopping Spy - Zest of Zoe Another alternative to plastic storage boxes: glass jars with a more authentic look. Spices, cereals, pasta, coffee, sugar, flour, you can slide everything in and line them up nicely in your cupboards. Sources: Home Shopping Spy & Zest of Zoe

Tip # 17: use drawers in closets

the kitchn - Elsie Larson When you put on shelves in the cupboards, you often have to empty everything in front to be able to access the canned or jars stored in the bottom. Our solution: opt instead for drawers that allow us to easily see everything in the closet! Sources: the kitchn & A Beautiful Mess

Tip # 18: fix everything on a pegboard

the kitchn - Sarah Coffey If the perforated panels usually find their place in garages to hang the tools of gentleman, know that they can also be installed in the kitchen to receive your pots, pans and other colanders. Our tip: choose cheerful colors to give it a real decorative function. Sources: the kitchn & Apartment Therapy

Tip n ° 19: put the trash cans in a cupboard

A Spicy Perspective - Kerf design Tired of the different sorting bins lying around here and there in your kitchen? Fix the problem by imagining a sliding system in a closet with large bins. Not bad the result, right? Sources: A Spicy Perspective & Kerf design

Tip # 20: install a cork board

My so-called home This cork panel, fixed on the inside of a cupboard, thanks to a system of thumbtacks and hooks your kitchen utensils and clutter your drawers in the blink of an eye. Source: My so-called home