Small dressing room, maxi decoration

Small dressing room, maxi decoration

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Small dressing does not necessarily rhyme with no style. So if the square meters are not there, consider optimizing the space with original storage systems without neglecting the decor. To help you decide, here are some ideas for rather creative dressings.

Part of Pac Man

Maisons du Monde Playful and original, this metal wardrobe adopts the industrial style in colorful fashion. The graphic patterns on its doors are a nod to the famous video game Pac Man and go perfectly with a "space travel" decoration.

A princess wardrobe

Chloé Design All little girls dream of being able to store their things in a princess wardrobe. Bet on this model in pink tones and in the central mirror where they can contemplate themselves dressed in their prettiest dresses.

Storage lockers

Alinéa To combine practicality and aesthetics, bet on this customizable dressing room. Choose the boxes in which you want to slide drawers or colored lockers and imagine a storage unit to your liking.

A military cloakroom

La Redoute With its very urban look, this metal cloakroom wardrobe gives a military spirit to your teenagers' bedroom. You can choose to add a smaller one in a different color to store shoes for example.

A beach cabin

Maisons du Monde To breathe iodized air into a child's bedroom, we opt instead for a wardrobe that takes the form of a beach cabin. With its patinated wooden slats in natural tones, it gives a real cachet to the room.

Trip around the world

Maisons du Monde To give an exploratory style and arouse the curiosity of your children for distant lands, bet on this Phileas Fogg dressing room. Designed on the model of old cabin trunks, this wooden and jute dressing room is both practical and easy to install in a small space.

Colorful cubes

Ikéa Under the stairs we play the stacking card with colorful cubes that will welcome shoes, scarves and storage boxes, all while giving a boost to the decor.

A telephone booth

Maisons du Monde To give a unique atmosphere to the room, bet on a wardrobe with a surprising appearance like this dressing room with the look of an English telephone booth. With its wardrobe bar and shelves, easy to organize all your belongings.

A touch of China

Maisons du Monde Oriental-inspired, this white wardrobe is the perfect piece of furniture for a Zen-style bedroom. With a minimalist decoration and soft accessories you will make the room a cozy and warm place.


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