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Ideas of accessories for a very decorative garden

Ideas of accessories for a very decorative garden

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In the garden, it's not just the furniture that counts! You must also opt for pretty accessories that will decorate your garden as you decorate other rooms in the house. Here are some ideas for decorative accessories to install in your garden.

Paper lanterns and tealight holders

Goal To give a festive atmosphere to your garden, also play with the accessories that will light it up after dark. You can install lanterns above the table and have colored candle holders on the table runner.

Cushions on the floor

Purpose Whether on the terrace or in the garden, you can add cushions on the floor to give color to your exterior but also create a very friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

Bright furniture

Maisons du Monde Bright furniture is always popular in the garden. Not only does it bring light to the garden but it also allows you to create very decorative atmospheres depending on the color you choose. Armchair, table, pot or sculpture, the choice is yours!

A real sculpture

Maisons du Monde To set the style of your garden, you can choose to install a sculpture as you would in a living room. If your garden looks exotic, then choose a Buddha statue for a very Zen atmosphere.

Candles for the atmosphere

Maisons du Monde To create a very pleasant atmosphere outside, you can also install many candles all around your garden furniture. To prevent them from going out with the wind, place them in decorative lanterns.

Seashells for decorative detail

Maisons du Monde To give a seaside atmosphere on your terrace or in your garden, consider placing a few seashells on the ground. To set the tone for your meals, arrange the shells as a table runner.

Decorative shade

Abrivoile To provide shade in your garden while adding style to your exterior, choose a decorative solution. You can for example stretch a canvas above the terrace by choosing a color that will set the tone.

A birdhouse for a country style

Becquet If you particularly appreciate nature and its fauna, opt for a small birdhouse that will nest in your trees. Not only will this accessory decorate your garden but it will also be very useful for birds.

A camouflage barbecue

Black + Blum What would a garden without barbecue be to enjoy the famous grills? But to keep everything aesthetic, we put on this flower pot which contains a barbecue. Once used, the barbecue becomes a flower pot again and goes unnoticed.