10 DIY ideas to recycle Christmas packaging

10 DIY ideas to recycle Christmas packaging

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It's the same thing every holiday season. Once the great unpacking of gifts and the explosions of joy, we collapse under a mountain of Christmas packaging, boxes, ribbons and bolducs of all kinds. What if, instead of throwing everything away, you tried to recycle the cardboard boxes instead? has selected 10 ideas for fun, stylish and ecological activities to do with children or solo!

The garage in cardboard packaging

Delphine Doreau / Ikea Cardboard, colored paper (your gift wrapping, a little glue, multicolored masking tapes, a piece of string (or bolduc recovered from a package) and a touch of imagination… You will not need not a lot of materials to make your DIY and the result will necessarily be “WOW.” Imagine your children having fun with their small cars thanks to your creativity! And the garage can easily be transformed into a building for their favorite characters.

The house in cardboard packaging

Hélène Jourdain In this easily achievable tutorial, everything is in the details. The colors on the door and windows, the Z on the shutters, the tiles made with the hole punch ... So we take a little time to make this superb house, perfect for recycling packaging boxes, but it's definitely worth the detour !

The Swiss clock in cardboard packaging

Madame Citron Not only is this Swiss cuckoo clock adorable, but in addition to being made of cardboard, it works! It is therefore a question here of recycling the cardboard boxes (in particular the thin boxes which contain the toys for example) while revisiting the iconic Swiss clock. And ultimately, you will have a real decorative object, trendy and useful. We love !

The decor for small train in cardboard packaging

Ikea With your cardboard, construct buildings and pyramids. It's very easy to do, and with a little white paint, bring this mountain decor to life. And off we go for a fantastic trip passing over bridges, over the river and under the snow-capped mountains. Infinitely available!

The unicorn trophy in cardboard packaging

Mini Reyve If you have a little girl at home, this unicorn trophy will surely speak to you! For fans of princesses, fairies and little ponies, this facetious unicorn head is a must! This step-by-step DIY explains how to make it easily for the enjoyment of your children.

Cardboard kitchen packaging

The blog 2 Val It is well known, children love imitation games. Toy cookers are quite successful, even more and more realistic (capsule coffee machine, to make soda). But if you do it yourself, as successfully as this one, you will have a conquered and very proud child. You can have a good time together and decide how to decorate it, customize it and make it to your taste! Have fun.

Tissue paper flowers

Hello Darling You can certainly recycle cardboard packaging, but also many gift papers, ribbons and tissue paper. With these, there are great ideas for activities to do. Here is a poetic enough to make a nice bouquet of paper flowers. As equipment, you will also need skewers, a pair of scissors, and wire. In short, all of the things we often have at home. All you have to do is create a beautiful floral arrangement!

A DIY storage box

Thrifty & chic You don't know what to do with the box in which your new food processor / coffee maker / drill was packed? This is an idea that will also allow you to put your house in order! Take your cardboard and this old sweater (Christmas?) That you don't put anymore, scissors, glue and here is a very chic DIY storage box!

A desk lamp made entirely of cardboard

Jesse Harrington AU The most experienced in the art of DIY can try to make this very beautiful desk lamp with their packaging boxes. Precision cutting work for a wow result!


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