10 brilliant decorating ideas for a glittering New Year

10 brilliant decorating ideas for a glittering New Year

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For a successful Christmas Eve, what could be better than an evening made of rhinestones and glitter? has found for you 10 ideas to brighten up your New Year decor: on the table, on the walls and even on your champagne bottles. To welcome 2020 in style and in the most festive spirit there is, all you have to do is put on your 31!

New Year's decoration: an inspiring glitter phrase

Katie stratton

Post ** your mantras on the wall ** for New Year's Eve, it's already getting in the right frame of mind to start this new year. A sweet or poetic quote, a motivating phrase: "Life is good" "Remember to be amazing every day", "Be Happy" ... There is no shortage of ideas, you will find the inspirational quote that will be perfect for you , and which will tilt! Some cardboard letters, glue and glitter, and you are sure to impress your guests. Source: Katie Stratton

A black and golden wall for New Year's decoration

Tara Dennis

** Give your interior a festive air **, by creating a brilliant decor yourself. It will take you a little time but the result is amazing! Like here a section of wall, made using adhesive, gold, silver and black adhesive paper and a hole punch to create regular hexagons. All glued on a support that you hang on the wall. Also scatter some shapes on the wall here and there for an even brighter effect! Source: Tara Dennis

Champagne bottles with rhinestones for Christmas Eve


Whether it's champagne, wine or any other drink, this is a fun idea that will please your guests! To ** customize a bottle **, you will need a spray of golden (or silver) paint, glue spray (easier to apply for this type of DIY), glitter of the color of your choice and varnish glue to fix the glitter and prevent your guests from quickly getting their hands full. In two steps three movements, an easy tutorial for a very glittery effect ideal for New Year's decor! Source: Foxblossom

A personalized tablecloth to celebrate 2017

Blake Bronstad

Play the card of originality by customizing a very simple white tablecloth with beautiful golden paint ... Decline a pattern that you like (a triangle, a circle or other) using ink pads or if you are a little manual by cutting it into a potato or a cork. You can also mark out the place of the glasses with a painted square, ** add glitter **, and big sparkling confetti. Source: Blake Bronstad

Put gold on your dishes for New Years

La Redoute

If there is one day in the year when we can afford to play the total look and ** glamorize plates **, cutlery, glasses, champagne flutes ... New Year. In short, we have fun! You can choose to customize your champagne glasses yourself, for example, by putting a touch of gold or silver on the foot. Or paint plates with special dish paint to add a festive touch to your table service: polka dots, stripes, geometric lines, etc.

A chic and shock garland for the 31st!


The advantage with a ** pretty garland ** is that it immediately dresses up a wall! You can also hang Japanese balls covered with gold, silver or glitter paint, in a cluster in a corner to furnish the void. Otherwise, you can buy white feathers, which you will half dip in golden paint to make a pretty garland. For an even sweeter budget, even use a box of farfalle. Yes, yes, pasta! Cover them with glue and glitter, a golden thread and presto, voila! Also place on the table.

Homemade candle jars

F. Barlatier

Here is an economic idea, since you are offered to recycle your glass jars: empty jam jar, small baby jars, yogurt jars ... One or two months before the end of the year, remember to put them aside. When the time comes, you can easily add your personal touch to it: remove the labels, add glue varnish with a brush and sprinkle with glitter before lacquering. To put in front of each guest or to multiply to create a table runner ... A great idea! Source: Les Cocottes events

Make a Photobooth that throws some for the new year


If you've been to a wedding recently, chances are you've seen a ** photobooth ** at the event. That is to say a decor, mounted on a wall, plus a basket full of accessories. A photographer to immortalize your poses with friends. The idea: have fun and keep pictures of these unforgettable moments! New Years is therefore the perfect time to create a photobooth. And if you don't have the patience to create one, take a nice piece of fabric, a curtain or even a strip of wallpaper. Do not forget to provide accessories (hats, glasses, false mustaches and wigs).

No New Years Without Crackers

My little day

** Who says New year says Crackers **. You know, those big twists that we crack to discover inside little surprises? So it is certainly a British tradition, but that does not mean that we cannot take advantage of it! First because it is user-friendly: it takes two to open it. It's fun, with the little explosive crackle when the mechanism gives way. And above all gratifying: they often contain a treat, a paper hat, and a little joke or riddle. You can easily find them in stores or online. Source: My Little Day


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