My bedroom, my playroom

My bedroom, my playroom

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At the age when we only think of having fun, the bedroom is undoubtedly the most suitable room to become a playground. After all, this is where the decor most closely resembles toddlers! A universe that can hardly do without toys, laughter, imagination and creativity ... Small parade of atmospheres where children's room and playroom are one.


Ikea ### Dolls and stuffed animals are now one on the shelf next to the bed. A pretty pretty kit that says a lot about the afternoons of the little ones.

Pretty boxes

Ikea ### Blue, yellow, red or green lockers; Barbapapa-style boxes, a mini suitcase adorned with a pretty design: that's what the toys hide in. Beautiful and whimsical storage!


Ikéa ### In the middle of the bedroom, a small table is sometimes transformed into a drawing corner, sometimes into a construction space where legos lead the game.


Ikea ### Here, we took advantage of a corner of the room to make a small space for disguise. The key: a funny mirror and funny wall hooks in the shape of a dog tail that accommodate an Indian headdress and a princess petticoat ...

Tea party

Ikéa ### A green carpet like grass at the foot of the bed to invite your stuffed animals to have tea in a garden atmosphere. It doesn't take much to improvise an almost perfect snack in the loulous room!

Playful cupboards

Ikea ### We suspected the layering of wisely folded clothes behind the wardrobe doors, but it is not so… Surprise! Here, the closet is filled with toys, everything the little ones need for hours and hours of fun in their bedroom.

Building games

Ikéa ### Comfortably installed on a very small armchair, it is pleasant for little wolves to design a castle with kaplas and other construction toys. The best friend of these times of patience and creativity? A small leaning against the bedroom wall!

Odds and ends

Ikéa ### The shelf mixes genres. Books, figurines, trucks, dinette, drum or ball, the toys coexist in its different boxes like a giant playful hodgepodge. Time to play?


Ikéa ### The low shelf in the bedroom is well stocked. Next to the mini TV set, the dinosaur and teletubbies figurines intertwine, reminding that games are the law in children's decor!