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Le Jacquard Français presents its summer 2015 collection

Le Jacquard Français presents its summer 2015 collection

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Holder of the prestigious state label, Living Heritage Company, Le Jacquard Français is officially part of the large selection of French Houses with excellent craftsmanship and industrial know-how. Once again, the brand demonstrates its talent with two new collections with tangy, Japanese and energetic notes. The editor is pleased to present these collections to you in 10 tables.

Summer is already here!

Le Jacquard Français This summer, to match the sun which we hope will be radiant, we have a yellow tablecloth on our garden table. From 125 euros

We give a Provencal style to our table!

Le Jacquard Français In a palette of blue and purple, this table runner combines stripes and floral prints. Arranged like here, they create very distinct spaces and structure the table!

Combine business with pleasure!

The French Jacquard On a coffee table as in this interior, the tablecloth brings a touch of light and color to the living room. And if you mix with accessories in the same tones, the result is super pretty. The plus: this range also exists in plaster! From 79 euros

A touch of color on the dining table

Le Jacquard Français We break the codes of the classic table runner thanks to the brand Le Jacquard Français. On a gray background with a very light graphic print, an orange band awakens everything and we really appreciate it! From 35 euros

A touch of Japan with the French Jacquard tablecloth.

The French Jacquard Inspired by the patterns of kimonos and Asian prints, the design of the tablecloth is preparing for summer. The stripes punctuate the flights of white cherry blossoms. From 125 euros

A "so green" decoration on my tablecloth

Le Jacquard Français Both indoors and outdoors, the Le Jacquard Français tablecloth awakens our difficult mornings and sullen lunches. Tablecloth: from 79 euros Towel: 9.95 euros

Yellow is in the spotlight on my table

The French Jacquard With a "flashy" effect, we can imagine that this summer, the color phrase for our interior decoration will be yellow. To bring color and light while being original, yellow will dress our living room or dining room table. Tablecloth: from 79 euros Towel: 9.95 euros

Like a vacation in the sun

The French Jacquard In mini format like here in place mats, our small indoor and outdoor coffee tables have energy to spare. A touch of pep's with tart colors like here and voila! Place mat: 10.95 euros Napkin: 9.95 euros

My fruity tablecloth

The French Jacquard The decanters of colored fruit juices like here blend in with the decor, and we validate completely. The advantage of this tablecloth is that it awakens our winter tables and illuminates those of summer. Tablecloth: from 89 euros Towel: 9.95 euros