The new Sia collection to discover

The new Sia collection to discover

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** The Sia brand was born in 1963 when its creator, Sonja Ingegerd Andersson, creates silk flowers in her kitchen. Today, Sia is an international brand specializing in interior decoration and more particularly the creation of artificial flowers. The Sia brand is renewed seasonally, 4 times a year. Want to discover the new Sia collection and the atmospheres offered by the brand? Here is a little trip to the heart of their decoration. **

Soberly successful

Sia On this staging, it is the yellow flowers that are in the spotlight. In white, transparent vases or in baskets, they invite themselves to your home in all sobriety.

Christmas Time

Sia The new Sia collection does not forget that Christmas is coming! With flowers and all kinds of objects, put a little red in your home and wait for Christmas in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

A touch of modernity

Sia The Sia brand also knows how to adapt to your desires for contemporary decor. Furniture, fabrics, objects or flowers, you will be seduced by the originality of the creations.

All in color

Sia Because nature has put color on flowers, Sia has decided to offer you a collection of vases that are both original and colorful to welcome them.

Winter hues

sia Winter will be warm at Sia! Pink, beige, brown and gold combine to give you a winter atmosphere that is as friendly as it is warm.

A garden in the house

Sia Sia offers you to put your garden in your home. With simple furniture in natural colors and pretty artificial plants, you can bring a little nature into your home.

Beige and wood

Sia The days are short but thanks to the Sia decor, your interior remains bright. Here you will find furniture and decor that combine wood and light colors.


Sia Because it is possible to enjoy its terrace all year round, Sia offers furniture and artificial flowers designed for the outdoors.

A festive table

Sia Sia thinks of your Christmas decor but also your table for the holidays. The dishes and glassware are as festive as they are elegant and the decorative elements revisit the classics such as the fir or the angel.


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