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10 gifts for nature lovers at less than 50 euros

10 gifts for nature lovers at less than 50 euros

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Ooh lala, but Christmas is fast approaching! It's time to fill your hood with pretty gifts that will bring big smiles to the faces of your loved ones on December 25… Here are 10 gift ideas for less than 50 euros inspired by nature, which will appeal to those who have their hands green only to those who don't have it yet… So quickly, go to your hoods!

Colorful: nasturtiums to grow

Nature & Discovery With this attractive, easy-to-use kit, grow dwarf nasturtiums at home, on the terrace or in the middle of the living room ... A fun culture experience for the whole family. Nature & Découvertes, nasturtium Naine Jewel, 13 euros

Design: a stainless steel suspension

Pa design In brushed stainless steel, these hanging flower pots seem to float in the air thanks to an almost invisible steel wire. A real hanging garden that finds its place both indoors and outdoors. For an optimal effect on Christmas Eve, consider adding a mini round bouquet or a small ivy in a bucket (3 euros). Pa design, hanging sphere flowerpot, 20 euros

Trendy: a "planting box"

The Box to plant This year, there is no doubt that Santa Claus should bring many "boxes" of all kinds ... We admit a weakness for this "box to plant" which allows to offer one, two or four seasons of gourmet gardening and playful. In the site shop, we also like the "Aperitif 100% organic" and "My little herb shop" boxes. The Box to plant, 15.90 euros for one season, 32 euros for two seasons

Practical: balcony straps

Bacsac Should we offer suspenders at Christmas? Yes, but balcony straps! These two adjustable straps allow you to easily hang a crate or a small board to create a hanging garden in front of your window. It changes suspenders, right? Bacsac, balcony straps (x2), 34 euros

Trend: a seed box

Ikea For all those who want to produce their own vegetables, to eat organic and local, but also for those who seek to bring nature into their homes, here is a gift that will cost you only 15 euros. This seed box allows you to grow chicory, arugula, chicory, white cabbage and Swiss chard in your kitchen! At your sowing! Ikea, VÄXER, seedling / sprout box with lid, gray, 9.90 euros VÄXER, substrate, sods 2.99 euros VÄXER, seeds 2.29 euros / 3 pieces Total: 15.18 euros

Bucolic: Normandy, Gardens of emotions

From garden to garden, a journey through the Normandy countryside to discover small paradises designed by talented gardeners and famous contemporary landscapers. A beautiful book to offer to all garden lovers. Normandy, Gardens of emotions, ed. des Falaises, 176 pages, 29 euros

Playful: a gardening greenhouse

Radishes and nasturtiums To change video games, super heroes and Barbie dolls, give the children a small gardening greenhouse with basil seeds, dwarf sunflowers, dwarf nasturtiums, cherry tomatoes, watercress and mimosa pudica which shrinks when touched… Radishes and nasturtiums, children's gardening greenhouse, 11.95 euros

Essential: a wooden pruner

Because we all need a pruner at home, this model in ash and stainless steel stands out for its robustness and its timeless elegance. Thank you, ash pruner {rel = "nofollow"}, 19 euros

Decoration: 10 small jars of succulents

Natures & Découvertes Succulents, we love it, we would like to get started, but we don't necessarily know how to get started ... With this cardboard suitcase, we immediately start a collection of 10 different varieties, presented in small zinc pots ... Natures & Découvertes, trip to South Africa, 10 pots, 45 euros or Trip to Mexico, 6 pots, 30 euros