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A worktop in contrast to the kitchen furniture

A worktop in contrast to the kitchen furniture

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In the kitchen, the work plan plays a very important decorative role because it highlights kitchen furniture. Also his choice of color should require a little thought. And why not opt ​​for a worktop that contrasts with the color of the kitchen furniture?

Red and black

Lapeyre Similarly, if your kitchen is black, you can choose a red worktop to lift the whole and give the kitchen a spicy touch. In a shiny material the effect is even more decorative.

Black and red

Alinéa Conversely, if your kitchen is red, choose a black worktop to reduce the colorful effect of the kitchen and bring out all the pep of the furniture.

Gray and purple

Alinéa Here, we have chosen gray for the worktop in order to give a more design look to this kitchen with purple furniture which gives a rather girly atmosphere. The whole give a modern and original cuisine.

White with wood

Schmidt If you want to bring a design touch to a wooden kitchen, you can bet on a white worktop. Not only will this bring out the essence of wood but you will also air the kitchen with this neutral color.

Wood and white

Aviva Conversely, to heat a white kitchen, bet on a wooden worktop. By choosing a clear essence, the atmosphere will be warm and very contemporary.

Gray and white

Leroy Merlin To bring a little warmth to a white kitchen, we do not hesitate to play with a gray worktop to give relief to the entire room.

White and black

Darty To create a real contrast in the kitchen, nothing like a combination of black and white. By choosing a white worktop, you will bring a very graphic and dynamic style to the kitchen.

Wood and persimmon

Aviva To give depth to a khaki kitchen, opt for a wooden worktop. In this case, you can choose a species dark enough to give a very chic and design look to the room.

Gray and white

But be aware that to sublimate your kitchen, you can also simply opt for a slightly darker work surface than furniture like gray for white furniture. The work plan will then highlight the furniture.

Marble and white

Siematic To give your kitchen a little too bland a bit of nobility and elegance, you immediately opt for a marble worktop that will bring a little lightness to the too rigid structure of the composition.

Zinc plated metal and white wood

Maisons du Monde To bring a touch of modernity and light up your family home style kitchen, it's simple, just opt ​​for a zinc-plated metal worktop. This unusual combination of materials will give a very trendy side to the kitchen.

Wood and purple

Aviva If your kitchen is dominated by the purple color, choose a light wooden worktop to soften the overly colored effect of the kitchen and bring an authentic and warm touch to the space.

Blue stone and wood

Maisons du monde If you want to bring a warm and friendly atmosphere in your kitchen, you will favor natural materials by opting for a blue stone worktop and selecting wooden furniture that will bring character to the room.

Green and white

Schmidt In the kitchen, white remains a safe bet. So that it remains welcoming and does not turn into the laboratory, we select a green worktop for a fresher and sparkling effect.

Brown and wood

Schmidt If you would rather bring an ethnic touch to a contemporary wooden kitchen, you can bet on a darker worktop. Not only will the wood be highlighted, the kitchen will become a warm and welcoming space thanks to the brown worktop.

Granite and white

Siematic In this contemporary white kitchen, we have chosen a granite worktop which brings a nice mineral touch and gives relief to the whole.

Wood and pink

Planspluriel If you want to make your kitchen a real jewel of sweetness it is better to opt for light colors. Also, you will be happy to combine powder pink furniture with a wooden worktop for a cocooning atmosphere and a feminine touch.

Wood and black

Aviva On the contrary, if you want to wake up your black kitchen, choose a wooden worktop that will soften the austere side of the composition and bring an incomparable cachet to the space.

Brown and blue

Schmidt Here, the light blue furniture gains in depth thanks to the association made with the glossy brown tone of the worktop which resonates inside the boxes. Thus, the hushed atmosphere promotes inspiration.