SPRUTT: discover the new capsule collection dedicated to Ikea's bathroom

SPRUTT: discover the new capsule collection dedicated to Ikea's bathroom

Want to give your bathroom a healthy dose of vitality? That's good, Ikea presents its latest limited collection dedicated entirely to the world of this piece conducive to relaxation. Accessories and small storage spaces with modern and functional design and bright colors will brighten up your mornings and make your life easier. Presentation in images of these new products, available in stores from February 2015.

Cloth bags

Ikea To store beauty products, towels or even dirty linen, we adopt in our bathroom cloth bags of different sizes according to our needs.

Fluorescent hangers

Ikea You don't have room to install a towel dryer in the bathroom? This is no longer a problem with these fluorescent yellow hangers that hang directly on the shower bar. This is enough to dry your wet towels!

A storage ladder

Ikea Much more practical than a simple ladder on which products are placed in balance on the steps, the model offered by Ikea offers ultra-functional storage baskets!

Pockets on the curtain

Ikea What a great idea to have added pockets in this shower curtain! Soaps, shampoo, toothbrushes or nail polish and creams find a place of choice to make your life easier, especially in a small bathroom.

Neon baskets

Ikea We are under the spell of these dirty laundry baskets with the most flashy fluorescent lid. Perfect for waking up a little too wise bathroom.

A trolley on wheels

Ikea In a small bathroom, we favor functional and modular furniture like this metal trolley with clean lines. Thanks to its small casters, you can move it according to your needs and desires.

An original coat rack

Ikea With its many hangers, this wall-mounted coat rack with an original design offers a wealth of possibilities for storing everything in the bathroom. Hang pajamas, towels or practical baskets. We love !

Mexican spirit stickers

Ikea Calaveras, famous skulls that symbolize Day of the Dead in Mexico, are today very trendy in our interior decor. Ikea is surfing the trend in its capsule collection by offering stickers that have fun with these famous skulls.

A column of baskets

Ikea We used to bet on baskets to increase the storage space in the bathroom. So when they organize themselves like a tower, we can only succumb!