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10 pretty little side tables for the living room

10 pretty little side tables for the living room

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Whether it's a side table or a side table, small tables are always very useful in the living room. Not only can they help you complete your coffee table when you are short on space, but they can also stand near the sofa to accommodate books and remote controls. We have selected for you 10 pretty side tables to install in your living room.

A block of wood

La Redoute If you want a side table that doesn't look like it, you can choose this log of wood. Quite heavy, it will move less easily than a table but will find its place perfectly at the end of the sofa.

A side table for a seaside style

Maisons du monde To stay in wood tones, you can also choose this square table which can be used as a stool as well as a tablet. Its wooden look allows it to find a place of choice in a seaside style.

A designer tablet

La Redoute To give a design touch to the tablet, be sure to choose an original and refined model. Here for example, the tablet rests only on two feet to give a very surprising feeling of balance.

A minimalist table

La Redoute If you want the side table to be discreet in your interior, also opt for a refined model. You can for example choose a shelf with a very fine steel base.

An original table

La Redoute Know that the designers have a lot of fun in the shape of these accent pieces of furniture and in particular with the legs. Here Sam Baron opts for rounded metal feet and multiplies them to give volume to the whole.

A sculpture table

La Redoute Your table can also be a stool with an original shape that will look like a sculpture in your interior. Smaller than a traditional table, it will be easier to move.

A totem table

Alinéa In the same way, by choosing a narrow shelf, you can also move it more easily. It will be perfect for placing a drink or the remote control.

A metal end table

Paragraph Please know that metal is not only suitable for industrial style. Choose a very shiny metal end table to adapt to a girly interior.

A light end of sofa

Alinéa Finally, to make your end table even more present and useful, you can bet on a light model that will light up your living room while providing you with a space where to put some accessories.