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What plants around my pool?

What plants around my pool?

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A swimming pool, whether buried or above ground, is always very pleasant during the summer period but the visual impact on your garden is strong: you end up with a huge blue mass that catches the eye and sometimes walls of pool not very aesthetic. The solution ? Plants ! But not just any and not just how ...

Lavender around my pool

Bradstone Around your inground pool, you can develop small, fairly low beds made up of lavender or other aromatic perennials. If your pool is above ground, it will be preferable to use higher beds in order to hide or dress the walls of your pool, which are not always very aesthetic. In this case, prefer leafy shrubs with flowers such as lilac or shrub roses.

Exotic garden

Desjoyaux Typical Mediterranean species will be perfect for dressing your garden around your pool. For a rather exotic decor, opt for dwarf palm trees, cycads, yuccas. For a Provencal atmosphere, you can without hesitation choose the olive tree. If the climate does not allow it, arrange all these plants in pots that you can protect in winter.

Pines and cypresses around the pool

Desjoyaux Pines and cypresses will also go well with the surroundings of your swimming pool. However, you will have to be careful in your choices and keep in mind that these species grow relatively quickly, become bulky and therefore quickly require space. Arrange your garden by providing enough distance between your plantations and the edges of your pool!

What about above ground and semi-inground pools?

PCC Even at the edge of an above ground pool or a semi-inground pool like here, you should not neglect the vegetation! If you want to compose beds that also act as hedges, or that can easily hide unsightly walls, you can choose the thuja option. If you prefer hedges that are high enough but more colorful, choose the oleanders instead!