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Metal lockers for industrial storage

Metal lockers for industrial storage

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Because it is not always easy to adapt your storage to the style of your interior, we suggest you discover very decorative storage for an industrial atmosphere in the house. Metal storage and other factory lockers are in the spotlight!

A wardrobe in the entrance

La Redoute In the entrance, the cupboards are very useful because they allow you to store coats and other jackets. But for an industrial interior, no question of choosing a traditional closet: we put on a metal locker!

A metal chiffonnier

La Redoute To store papers or kitchen accessories but also clothes, the chiffonnier is ideal because it has many drawers. But for this one to be very decorative, we opt for a metallic model like a piece of furniture with office archives. Quirky look guaranteed.

A kitchen cupboard

La Redoute Next to your chiffonnier which will be used to store your tea towels, you can place a narrow locker to use it as a kitchen cupboard and store your dishes or some food.

A metal dressing room

Maisons du Monde Because lovers of the industrial style are also entitled to a wardrobe worthy of the name, we choose this revisited model in metal. It has two doors for the wardrobe and a central space with a few shelves to display your best shoes.

A metal cabinet

Maisons du Monde For everything, we choose the cabinet which has 24 small drawers with fronts marked with handwritten inscriptions for a very vintage style. An original piece of furniture to use in any room.

A metal bookcase

Maisons du Monde For a more cargo atmosphere, prefer a library inspired by docks or warehouses with metal boxes with visible cladding, rivets and reinforced angles. An unusual decoration!

Multiple lockers

Maisons du Monde To multiply the storage space in a space, you can completely consider choosing several aligned racks in order to give a very factory feel to your room.

A decorated metal cabinet

Maisons du Monde To store books and other decorative accessories, put on an aged metal shelf that seems straight from an old factory or an artist's studio thanks to its Eiffel Tower motif on the door.

A locker for everyone

Maisons du Monde If there are several of you living in your house, choose a locker model where everyone can have their own space as with this wardrobe for the entrance which has three doors.