5 hotels to escape to Corsica

5 hotels to escape to Corsica

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** Land of traditions, Corsica is also known as the Isle of Beauty. This French destination is simply magnificent. From Cap Corse to Bonifacio via Bastia, the creeks of Piana and Porto-Vecchio, you will be surprised by the beauty of the landscapes and the authenticity of the heritage and the inhabitants. To allow you to fully discover the beauties of Corsica, its gastronomy and its culture, we have selected 5 hotels that stand out as much for their decor as for their environment. **

With Mediterranean accents

In Cheda The rooms at Lodge A Cheda breathe the Mediterranean. Natural colors and wood come together to offer you a warm atmosphere reminiscent of that of family homes.

Charm at Cap Corse

Castel Brando Ideally located in the heart of Cap Corse, the Castel Brando hotel welcomes you in a charming residence. Between the sea and the mountains, the swimming pool and the patio invite you to relax and enjoy yourself. A few kilometers from the hotel you will find the traditional fishing port of Erbalunga, as picturesque as the village and its alleys.

Comfort and modernity

Castel Brando The rooms of the Castel Brando hotel offer Mediterranean decor and contemporary comfort. The rooms on the ground floor have a private terrace while the rooms on the upper floors have a balcony or a breathtaking view of the Big Blue.

The beauties of Ile Rousse

Perla Rossa The Perla Rossa hotel is our favorite establishment, we highly recommend it to anyone wishing to discover the exceptional site of Ile Rousse. A neat decor and an exceptional location add to the charm of this establishment whose restaurant terrace overlooks the sea.

Refinement by the water

Perla Rossa The rooms of the Perla Rossa hotel are refined, comfortable and nicely decorated. Light colors dominate and fresh flowers are arranged in each room.

Corsica otherwise

U Castellu The U Castellu hotel is located in Vivario in the heart of Corsica and the Vizzavona forest. In addition to offering its guests an authentic setting, the establishment offers local cuisine and, every Saturday evening, entertainment around Corsican songs and music. The U Castellu hotel is also ideal for exploring Corsica in a different way or for hiking.


U Castellu The rooms at the U Castellu hotel are pretty and cozy. Decorated in pretty pastel colors, they offer comfort and authenticity.

A touch of exoticism

Lodge Carpalone Located in the beautiful city of Porto-Vecchio, Lodge Carpalone offers luxury and exoticism with a view of the Mediterranean and a dream environment. The property is a modern house made of stone and glass, which stands in the middle of an olive grove.

Exceptional rooms

Lodge Carpalone The rooms of Lodge Carpalone are magical. The furniture is contemporary and refined and each room offers a nice selection of books, paintings and music.