Knitting makes the decoration!

Knitting makes the decoration!

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Indispensable star of winter, knitted wool does not stick to the sweater! In decoration, the mesh is installed on all decorative objects to create a soft and warm cocoon in all rooms. We have selected 10 favorite knitted items for you.

A large mesh rug

Angelo Why not warm the floor with a large mesh carpet that will give a very soft atmosphere to your room. To be installed both in the bedroom and in the living room for the winter.

The mesh effect on the decor

Bougies La Française Knitting is so popular that it even settles on unusual objects such as candles. The wax is then worked in such a way as to create a trompe l'oeil and to give the illusion that the candle is very soft.

The trompe l'oeil knitting

Becquet Be aware that knitting can also be installed in the decor in trompe l'oeil version. This duvet cover is actually a digital knitting print and the effect is stunning!

A knitted plaid

Nina Ricci Maison To accessorize the sofa or the top of the bed, nothing like a knitted blanket. Not only does it give a warm look to the room and it will also be very hot when temperatures drop.

A wool suspension

Casamance For a winter light, we opt for this suspension which is dressed in large mesh. Prefer a light color so that the light is well diffused.

A knitted hot water bottle

The swallow To keep warm, nothing like a hot water bottle. So when it is wool, it is even better! A warm little accessory to adopt without hesitation.

Wool potholders

Ferm Living In the kitchen also wool takes over the decor. Here, these are very decorative pot holders that will make the show on their pegs but which will also be very practical.

A coat for mugs

The swallow Always to protect yourself from the heat, you dress your mugs in a pretty woolen dress. It will be the winter touch of your coffee break and it's also very practical!

A wool teapot

Present Time More than mugs, the teapot also dresses in wool to give a winter look to your table. It then becomes a decorative object that is placed on a shelf when it is not being used.