Laurette: discover the new products for 2015

Laurette: discover the new products for 2015

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Laurette is above all a universe that brings back the grown-ups in childhood. How? 'Or' What ? Thanks to a unique and singular collection at the crossroads of old furniture and vintage design. And it is not the novelties that will tell us the opposite! Discover in pictures what awaits you in 2015!

A storage stool

Laurette You may remember the old polish stools composed of a small chest for storing brushes and other utensils. Well here it is revisited by Laurette, in a duck blue, and used rather in the children's room to store the toys!

A doll house

Laurette Here's a funny wall decoration! This pretty cardboard box with the appearance of a house lets you discover, once the cover is removed, a charming house like a doll's house. WE love !

Little butterflies

Laurette A veritable iconic piece, the butterfly chair is designed by Laurette in a miniature version for children. With their big pink and black polka dots, they will not go unnoticed!

Design bedside table

Laurette On the bedside table, you can bet on this model with designer lines and turquoise color totally in tune with the times. Your children can put all their treasures there!

Beds for all ages

Laurette A retro bunk version for small spaces: Laurette did it and the result is surprising. A real favorite ! As for the little ones, they can count on the famous trailer bed which no longer has to prove itself!

A library for a perfectly tidy room

Laurette Parents dream of it… children a little less! About what ? But of a room where everything is perfectly stored of course! And for that, nothing better than the Enigme library at Laurette's composed of cupboards, drawers and practical lockers!

Toile de Jouy

Laurette After the big pea version, it is the turn of the Jouy canvas (with very contemporary designs) to make its debut on the famous "Butterfly" chair. Original, right?

Retro feet

Laurette To give a little retro note to your children's room, nothing could be simpler! You just have to adopt this small bedside table with 1950s feet but in the most contemporary color!

A 2 in 1 dresser

Laurette Finally, to change your baby while having all her belongings close at hand, we recommend this pretty chest of drawers with funny handles.