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Color splashes in the kitchen

Color splashes in the kitchen

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We dare a little touch of color in the kitchen. Yellow, red, green, blue, we wake up the usual white, gray and other beige. On the floor, on the cupboards or in the decor, the color is everywhere and with all brands. The editorial staff has selected 10 atmospheres from which we can draw inspiration in order to put some life and pep in this room of the house that is the kitchen.

Apple green on cupboards

Alinéa In stickers, in paint or even by changing the cupboard door, for just a few euros you can bring the color into your kitchen. Apple green has the advantage of being a cheerful color, synonymous with hope. Perfect for those who desperately despair in front of their kitchen.

A yellow frame for the sun

Paragraph Highlight the window and therefore the daylight it brings, in a gray and dull kitchen, with a yellow frame that highlights the whole? This is a good idea that Alinéa gives us. A little touch that will not go unnoticed.

A whole section of wall

Conforama Simpler, more daring but just as effective, we play the color card by repainting an entire section of wall in the color of our choice. Good to know: gray, thanks to its neutrality, goes as well with yellow, blue, green or any other color.

A pop decor

Fly Blue and red chairs, decoration on the table, kitchen accessories exposed to the light… Without having to redo everything, we create a real visual identity with small touches of color only in decoration. We can change it more regularly.

Three-colored tiles

Ikéa Whether you display your French patriotism or your passion for football, the tiling in different shades of blue, a line of white and another of red, have the advantage of linking everything together with simplicity.

Invasive nature

Ikéa While we think of having flowers in the garden, the living room or on the dining table, the kitchen sometimes lacks greenery, if not chives and herbs. It is gently brought in with a few plants and then more openly with a green wall that blends perfectly with light wood.

A traditional chic

Ikéa Reputed to be old-fashioned, traditional kitchens are making a comeback in trend this year. Following vintage, and a return to what we knew younger, we are faced with our memories. We associate a pastel paneling to assume its retro side.

Well thought out furniture

Ikéa Tendance appeared only a few years ago, the long high cabinets in the kitchen have the advantage of offering additional storage without weighing down the design or the atmosphere of the room. We choose them in the same color as the furniture to harmonize everything.

Two-color cuisine

Yuke Ice Turquoise and yellow blue, red and orange, blue and pink or even green and purple… All combinations are possible. Be careful however to respect a strict color code so as not to transform your play into a circus.