A decorative table for Christmas

A decorative table for Christmas

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Christmas is fast approaching, and this year, are you hosting? Do not panic ! We have prepared a small selection to give you lots of ideas. Choice of theme, colors, accessories, we went on Pinterest to find the prettiest party tables for a great Christmas Eve! Overview.

Tradition obliges

Decor Homes No Christmas without the eternal balls, gifts and pine cones! This year again, we love the decorations of yesteryear that celebrate the end of the year celebrations with just as much accuracy. Source

In red and green

Sweet Something Designs We take the Christmas colors back and use them on the table. In decoration, we then combine some leaves and berries to make a very nice centerpiece. Add to that a rather classic tablecloth and napkins always in the same colors and voila! Source

Under the snow

Torie Jayne A real enchanted decor, this festive table has it all. In a girly spirit, we like the immaculate side enhanced by pastel pink and golden notes. For a magical and completely up-to-date Christmas. Source

A DIY decoration

Olivier Martin Gambier Can't afford to buy lots of accessories? Think of "Do It Yourself"! This new movement is attracting more and more families and applies just as much to the Christmas tradition. So make your own table decoration like these little fir trees in paper and cardboard painted ultra deco. Source

Freshness and simplicity

Decor Homes Don't overdo it! Sometimes nothing is better than naturalness and sobriety. On this table, a bit vintage, we use a table runner and linen napkins, some recycled jars in pastel colors, but always in Christmas colors. It works ! Source

Edible decor

Rebecca Hansen And for your decoration, also choose the one that can be eaten. Here, a multitude of gingerbread houses serve as table runners. It is also another way of making a very personal decoration. Let your imagination run wild! Source

More gingerbread

Decoholic Here again, we make the decision to please the guests. After the houses, the fir trees are eaten. What to make your guests salivate before the meal but also to entertain them. Source

All in elegance

Elisabeth Heier Here again, sobriety is in order. In natural tones, the table decoration delicately and subtly combines white, green and gold. Sophisticated crockery and porcelain candle holders in the shape of a house complete the most successful look. Source

Woody atmosphere

Sweet Som Little outdoor trip! This Christmas table uses the flagship and traditional colors of the holiday and combines them with tones of brass and raw wood. Burlap sets merge with the very forest spirit of this pretty composition. Source

Make way for candlelight!

For Wallpaper By candlelight, the table shines brightly. We love this immaculate atmosphere warmed for the garlands and other lights so dear to the Christmas party. Source

Chic and gourmet

Gallery Hip Plenty and refinement for this Christmas table! In white and gold tones, plates, sets and glasses blend perfectly. And the most? Treats, pastries galore. Source

Back to the classics

Decor Homes This simple and very neat decoration does not need much to cause a sensation. A table runner made of greenery, grandmother's plates and barley sugar in gingerbread bring all the perfect elements for the party! Source

Noir et blanc

Nina Holst The chic of this well-matched black and white table is embellished with an artificial fir tree path, a few pine cones and - icing on the cake - a salt and pepper shaker set in the shape of small logs. Very pretty ! Source

Refined rusticity

Gallery Hip Nothing to say! This table exudes sophistication. White, brown and a little green for flawless decoration. No more needed to give a real look to your home and impress your guests. Source

For a sparkling Christmas

Fly Vary the accessories and multiply the light sources! We love this contemporary atmosphere warmed by copper-style candle holders. The whole room is itself in shades so as not to denote the general, soft and friendly atmosphere. Source

Dressed in red and white

Contempoo This table decoration plays the card both of modernity, with its dishes and designer accessories, and of tradition, thanks to the contrast of red and white, the emblematic colors of Santa Claus. Dare to be original! Source

Everyone has their place

Rouva Jonesin Kotona We always keep the same colors, we add a touch of greenery and we start again. The little idea to remember here? Gingerbread cookies in the shape of a man indicating the name of your guests. Very practical for a successful seating plan! Source

The power of the flowers

Greige Design At Christmas, we also think of seasonal plants to decorate our table. Because in addition to the famous fir trees and apples, we very often forget certain bulbous plants, such as hyacinth, which is planted in winter, and which stands proudly here in the center. Not bad ! Source

For further

Ikea Beyond the table, also think of accessorizing your entire dining room. For a complete decoration, install garlands, lanterns or mobiles in the same spirit for a Christmas in harmony. Source