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Shades of purple soften the decor

Shades of purple soften the decor

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For a soft and enveloping atmosphere in the house, we can count on purple which evokes in chromotherapy the escape, reverie and spirituality, an ideal color when the outside temperatures keep us in the house. The advantage of purple: it has a very wide palette with hot and cold ranges that will allow you to adapt to all tastes and styles.

Classic spirit purple

Dulux Valentine In a classic apartment, purple also finds its place in particular because it skilfully blends with white for a soft and soothing atmosphere that corresponds well to a Haussmannian apartment for example.

Romantic purple

Dulux Valentine Less feminine than pink but just as soft, purple in a pastel version will be ideal in a room of romantic inspiration. It is associated for example with antique furniture in bleached wood.

Feminine purple

Maisons du monde In this entryway, purple is really used to give a feminine touch to rustic and fairly massive furniture. It easily finds its place in a family home decor.

Zen purple

Dulux Valentine Purple in a slightly sustained note (of the "anemone" type) will dress a room simply by painting a section of wall. The rest of the decoration can then be refined for a soothing atmosphere.

Purple in a contemporary note

Fly In a room or any room in the house, purple is installed in touches for a modern spirit. In this way, you will enjoy the softness of the shade. We can for example use purple at the head of the bed as here.

Purple for a cocooning atmosphere

Castorama Even in a cooler shade, purple finds its place in a cocooning atmosphere. It is associated for this with many textiles and soft materials such as a faux fur cushion.

Enveloping purple

Maisons du monde Know that the more you choose a deep purple, the more you will get an enveloping atmosphere. A "beet" violet can then be combined with warm wood or blue to create a complementary atmosphere.

Warm purple

Fly In a slightly cold atmosphere where gray and white share the room, purple will be a real ally to give a touch of originality and warmth to your room. We then put on an "amethyst" tone.

Charming purple

Maisons du monde Regardless of its nuance, purple blends skilfully with atmospheres of yesteryear and furniture with character. In a flea market or country chic style, it is a success.

Deep purple

Bineau Maison The power of purple is combined with the sobriety of white and gray to offer your interior elegance and softness. The quiet force decorative version!

A warm shade

Ikea All the shades of purple come together in a shades of softness. Here the white highlights the color brilliantly, while giving a retro style.

The originality of purple in the kitchen

Leroy Merlin Both feminine and unusual, purple in the kitchen is a real success. We love its marriage with white and black appliances. A creation signed Leroy Merlin.

Baroque purple

Designer Guild Thanks to Designer Guild, the baroque spirit invades your interiors. Here we love purple on the walls and the sofa, the color is highlighted thanks to pretty associations with printed fabrics.

The classic chic

Roche Bobois Take a heathered piece of furniture, dress it in purple and you will get a very chic element that will perfect your classic decor. Assured crush !

Country spirit

Dulux Valentine Here you will find a huge dresser painted purple. We love the combination with green and brick red but also the checkered tablecloth that reminds us of big country houses. A decorative idea to exploit!

A touch of sobriety

Saint Maclou Here is a pretty purple carpet that covers the floor of a minimalist living room. However, nothing is missing! Softness and elegance are at the rendezvous.

Purple in the decor

Roche Bobois Whether on the carpet, the cushions or the lights, purple is the trendy and timeless color.

Purple gradient

Saint Maclou We love this rug which offers a gradient of purple associated with the solid gray. A real decorative asset, it matches both the walls and the floor.

Printed, striped or plain

Saint Maclou here we discover a variation of tapestries where purple is essential to offer a refined style. Whether the wallpaper is plain, striped or printed, it will adapt to all your decorative desires.