The Villa Moorish, an exotic address by the water

The Villa Moorish, an exotic address by the water

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Cendrine takes you by the sea in Lavandou. Imagine: a gentle breeze, a very pretty villa with a unique atmosphere ... and well, you are no longer dreaming, here you are, discover the guest rooms of the Villa Mauresque in Cavalière.

The Villa Moorish lives up to its name

Villa Moorish With an Arabian spirit, its apricot yellow facade stands out with the blue of the sky. Located in an idyllic setting, a few meters from the beach, it is not without charm and remains an address of choice for staying.

The feet in water

Villa Moorish A few meters away, the Mediterranean stretches out its arms to you. White sand and fine are at the rendezvous of this address. This unique place is located just opposite the Golden Islands.

The pool, a source of great pride

Villa Mauresque Alban made the basin himself by digging in the garden and covering it with a white liner. He then planted water lilies, arranged pebbles and thus created an oasis of freshness welcome in this region where the sun shines throughout the year.

The Giacometti room

Villa Moorish The Giacometti room is upstairs and overlooks the sea with a direct view of the islands of Port Cros and Porquerolles. The bed has been raised and the ceiling is painted and represents a cloudy sky.

The Pool House room

Moorish Villa The Pool House room features softer tones. Beige, pink, taupe share the space and create a serene atmosphere. Facing the sea, it will be very pleasant to wake up in the morning and enjoy the exceptional view.

A relaxing break

Villa Moorish When you come here it is to relax, enjoy the view and the exceptional architecture of the house. Azure blue is in the spotlight!


Villa Mauresque Every morning a rich breakfast is served in the garden when the weather permits. Pastries, yogurts, breads and fresh fruit are self-service.