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The black walls give character to the decor

The black walls give character to the decor

If the color black is more than coveted in fashion, in decoration it is another story! The fear of darkening the house by using it led to sulking ... wrongly! Because when it is chosen to cover only a section of wall, this "non-color" has the power to create a feeling of depth and to infuse character and character into the room, the proof in pictures.

A black wall in the kitchen

Paragraph ### Head for a very chic cuisine! Its more? The black bias for the main wall which creates visual continuity between his furniture, also black, and the ceiling.

A black wall in the bedroom

Ikéa ### This feminine bedroom is not cold in the eyes. She dressed one of its 4 walls in black to hang purses, pockets and scarves. Or how to focus on this 100% fashion partition!

A black wall for the office area

Ikéa ### In order to create a visual delimitation between this workspace and the rest of the house, the wall against which it is leaning has been painted black. As for the desk, it was chosen in white and orange to stand out clearly from the frame!

A black wall in the bathroom

Ikéa ### In this bathroom where small black tiles have taken over the floor-to-ceiling space, we have only one desire: to play on contrast! Long live the brightly colored towels to bring in a lively and vitamin-rich mood!

A black wall in the dining room

Castorama ### If this dining room reveals boldness and character, it owes it above all to its black and blue walls enhanced with yellow stripes. You had to dare but the rendering is resolutely graphic and sophisticated.

A black wall in the teenage bedroom

Ikea ### Like teenagers, this teenage bedroom rebels. By daring a black wall and a red wall, she proves that she has guts and a strong character!

A black wall under the stairs

Goal ### The shelf / desk corner installed under these stairs gains depth thanks to the choice of black paint to dress it up.

A black wall in the bathroom

LineArt ### Another example of a black wall in the bathroom. Here, the contrast is created by blond wooden furniture to assert a chic and Zen look.

A black wall in the child's room

Fly ### The decorative moldings in this room have been painted black and accented with sky blue on the sides. An effective bias to enhance the blue color in the playground of the loulous!