Roche Bobois reinterprets its "New Classics"

Roche Bobois reinterprets its "New Classics"

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The leader in high-end furniture Roche Bobois presents us with an innovative series dating back to the 80s which seeks inspiration from the curves and lines of traditional style furniture to bring them into an eclectic and more contemporary universe.

The dining room Syntax, piece from the collection <>

Michel Gibert ### Roche Bobois uses functional lines and industrial furniture materials which find their translation in very vintage models.

The bed Maestro, another room member of the family <>

Michel Gibert ### Here, the designer Philippe Bouix is ​​inspired by the style of the end of the 19th century by expressing through the use of solid wood and particle board a balance between creativity and fantasy.

Large hotel dining room

Michel Gibert La Salle à manger * Grand Hôtel *, a space to live in the spirit of / H2 ### The creators Pierre Dubois and Aimé Cécil bring Art Deco to life by favoring noble materials and precious finishes in their "Grand Hôtel" collection.

The Parisian dining room, an atmosphere in the days of Old Paris

Michel Gibert ### In his, the young designer José Lévy has fun re-creating and plays on the codes of Haussmannian architecture using classic 18th century forms.