A new range of paint for the whole house

A new range of paint for the whole house

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V33 presents a new range of interior paints but also for more specific needs. The "Dédicace" collection thus proposes to use painting as a means of expression to tell a story in its interior. On the program: a palette that plays on emotion and adapts to each need. Presentation.

Floor paints

V33 ### In order to best combine with the wood / iron collection, the Dédicace floor paint uses 11 satin shades to bring harmony to your interior by easily combining the shades. And to guarantee the quality, the paint has a high impact and scratch resistance formula to adapt both indoors and outdoors.

Specific paints

V33 ### To adapt to the outdoors, Dédicace also offers a formula enriched with rare pigments to withstand harsh conditions, whether outdoors or indoors. You will find 4 wood / iron and floor themes to give a graphic, tonic, natural or romantic decorative style.

Paints for wood and iron

V33 ### To give new life to your wooden or iron furniture, Dédicace offers a single paint with a color chart of 32 shades in satin, matt or glossy appearance. Thanks to this dual-use paint, you can harmonize the metallic and wooden parts of the same object.

Paints for facades

V33 ### Dedication is also available in paints for facades in two colors: mineral white and mineral stone. You will protect the facades over the years while enhancing your home.


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