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Herringbone and broken sticks: parquet floors that give character

Herringbone and broken sticks: parquet floors that give character

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If the parquet already gives a lot of character to the house, by choosing a pose in point of Hungary or with broken sticks (poses in V), you will ensure your interior an unparalleled natural elegance. The proof in 10 inspirations.

Beautiful home spirit

Maisons du monde If you want to give character to a family home, the laying of Hungarian point parquet will be ideal because it goes perfectly with exceptional interiors and classic or charming furniture.

A romantic atmosphere

Maisons du monde The point of Hungary will also be the ally of a romantic and feminine decor because it will enhance your furniture and offer you a classic backdrop worthy of the Palace of Versailles.

A graphic parquet

Emois et Bois The Hungarian point parquet can have two shades of wood so as to give the decor a more graphic note than usual. The wood is then particularly highlighted to create a real decor in the room.

Contemporary version

Fly The classic Hungarian point parquet can be perfectly reinterpreted in a contemporary version using paint. In this room, we have sublimated the parquet with a very modern gray color.

Dark colors

Emois et Bois Likewise for a more modern touch, Hungarian point parquet can be chosen in a darker wood essence than the classic model, giving an overall more designer atmosphere.

Also in vinyl

Saint Maclou For those who would like to offer the cachet of the point of Hungary without carrying out any work, bet on vinyl which will imitate this type of parquet to perfection.

Original color

Saint Maclou Know that vinyl will also allow you to be more original in terms of color. We can thus afford an imitation white parquet with the laying in point of Hungary.

A classic parquet with broken sticks

Saint Maclou The parquet with broken sticks has the same V shape but the boards are assembled at right angles. It also creates a classic atmosphere in your interior.

Broken sticks and modernity

Fly For a more modern use, you can choose a parquet with broken sticks in a very clear and crude essence. The spirit is then recovered for a trendy decor.