The craziest Halloween decorations!

The craziest Halloween decorations!

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Halloween is fast approaching and you have decided to mark the event this year by decorating your home? Zoom on some ideas to give a festive air to your accommodation, to please your children and surprise your guests!

Scary characters

Purple Onion Designs Do not skimp on the means and do not hesitate to tap into the horror register to be up to the mission "a successful Halloween party". We will also think of installing frightening life-size characters in his garden. * More info on this decoration: Purple Onion Designs *

A dismal garden for Halloween

Kaz Andrew Scary or funny, totally offbeat… the Halloween party is a celebration high in "thrill" factor. Prepare to recreate a sinister atmosphere in your garden with skeletons, skulls, science fiction characters or guillotine. * More info on this decoration: Kaz Andrew *

Ghosts in the pure Halloween tradition

Listotic Like witches or cemeteries, ghosts are one of the most important symbols of Halloween and therefore an integral part of Halloween decor ideas for the outdoors. * More info on this decoration: Listotic *

Mysterious silhouettes

Makezine Forget the spider webs and murky atmospheres, to spend a devilishly scary Halloween night and terrify your guests forever, we bring a disturbing note to its decoration by installing here and there on its windows sinister silhouettes. We tremble in advance! * More info on this decoration: Makezine *

Excruciatingly decorative silhouettes

Reddit These pretty unusual, graphic and very funny silhouettes will cause a sensation on Halloween day. We shudder in advance! * More info on this decoration: Reddit *

A small cemetery

Reddit Halloween is THE night of terror! So, to scare all your guests, give your little outdoor space a cemetery look by scattering tombs and other scary skeletons here and there. Something to give goosebumps to your guests in the simplest way possible! * More info on this decoration: Reddit *

An agonizing subdued atmosphere

The Home Depot For Halloween, darkness is greatly required to create a disturbing atmosphere worthy of the name. Inside and outside his home, we play the card of the subdued atmosphere by dotting the space with candle holders and garlands of Halloween colors and installing here and there the essential pumpkins. * More info on this decoration: The Home Depot *

Jack O'Lantern Garden

Fine Art America No Halloween without the traditional Jack O'Lantern pumpkin. Now is the time to customize your must-have pumpkins. For a terrifying decoration in your garden, you dig, cut and decorate. * More info on this decoration: Fine Art America *

A bewitching interior

Emily Magers For Halloween, plant in your living room a decor all dressed in black, sprinkled with a few silver notes scattered here and there. Cardboard trees and raven, pumpkin or charcoal candlestick fabrics… Like disturbing shadow puppets, this decoration will not leave you unmoved! * More info on this decoration: Emily Magers *

Halloween decor on her 31

Martha Stewart Create a scary atmosphere yes, but it is not to scare our young guests. Invest your window sills with tealight holders, place orange pumpkins and a broom in front of your entrance and hang bats on the ceiling that you took care to make! * More info on this decoration: Martha Stewart *

A deadly crown

Snapcreativity Children will soon knock on your door to scare you. To best accommodate them, decorate your door with a wreath specially designed for the occasion. Like the famous Christmas wreath, it will bring a festive spirit to your entry. * More info on this decoration: Snapcreativity *

A terrible clown

Cindy Pruitt No more zombies, witches, vengeful ghosts and ghosts, cobwebs and other cucurbits ... And if this year, we were betting on originality by making an entry worthy of one of the greatest horror films "It returned". We tremble in advance! * More info on this decoration: Cindy Pruitt *

Ghostbusters decoration

Mostlyowls If you love ghosts and are a fan of the iconic movie Ghostbusters, why not get inspired by it. Armed with paint, cardboard or wood, recreate the famous monuments of New York and the character of the man Marshmallow. Original right? * More info about this house: Mostlyowls *

An unusual decor

Reddit Special mention for this Halloween decor as original as it is surprising. Stranded in the garden, this life-size vessel accompanied by its Aliens almost seems to have fallen from the sky. * More info on this decoration: Reddit *

The Simpsons take over Halloween

Reddit Halloween is an ideal opportunity to implement, with your toddlers, an outdoor decoration project. If your whole little tribe loves the Simpson series above all, why not decide to decorate your home on this theme? Original and unusual, your home will not go unnoticed! * More info on this decoration: Reddit *

Atrocious XXL spiders

The Funny Blog At nightfall, on Halloween night, when the kids go from door to door begging for candy in exchange for the cancellation of a bad spell, which will be the difference between a handmade spider or a real one? Standard format or XXL effect, it's up to you. * More info on this decoration: The Funny Blog *

A scary decor

Landon Smith When you think of the Halloween party, it's the scary and scary side that comes up most often. For a scary decoration, place false cobwebs on the ceiling or on your stair railing, use dim lights to give a sinister atmosphere! * More info on this decoration: Landon Smith *

A fall Halloween fireplace

Babble Finally, you can position skeletons, skulls, bone fragments and torn nets on your furniture to give your interior decor a total Halloween look. To cut through this gloomy atmosphere, do not hesitate to place here and there a few branches and leaves found in your garden. Guaranteed effect! * More info on this decoration: Babble *

A sinister pirate ship

Hamptonroads What would Halloween be without a sordid derelict pirate ship? A very popular theme in the United States, do not hesitate to decorate it with skeletons, pirate figurines and boxes of orchards that always have an effect in Halloween decorations. * More info on this decoration: Hamptonroads *